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Five Myths about Endpoints

Five Myths about Endpoints

myth-300x300Think you know about endpoints? Most IT administrators think they do and many have dismissed them but the world has changed and the latest endpoint hardware and software endpoints are more than fit for purpose. Here are five endpoint myths busted that should give you cause to reconsider:

They are rubbish for modern apps and multimedia

Wrong! IGEL endpoints are designed to operate with all the latest applications and technology ensuring multimedia is smooth and fast. Business information software solution provider, SAS, for example has deployed 144 IGEL devices at its UK training centre to deliver all its multimedia learning to employees and customers.

IGEL devices are also great for customers that require multiple screens running from a single device.

I will be trapped with dinosaur desktop hardware.

Wrong! Modern thin and software endpoints are designed through their operating system or firmware to be open and flexible. IGEL offers Windows and its own Linux-based devices, which have the latest protocols and codecs built in for use with all the main virtualisation, cloud and server-based solutions.

In addition, because IGEL is dedicated to the endpoint market, we regularly update our firmware to enable our customers to take advantage of the latest technology developments. Just recently, for example, we were the first to integrate VMware Blast Extreme protocol into our firmware.

In fact, using our simple Universal Desktop Converter software, you can turn dinosaur PC’s, notebooks and even competitor endpoints into IGEL-like devices in just a few minutes. This software endpoint approach can extend the life of your existing hardware and rejuvenate the performance of the device.

They are expensive to implement.

Wrong! Endpoints cost the same or a little less than the average PC yet they are much easier to deploy and manage and last longer. Using IGEL Technology’s Universal Management Suite software endpoints can be up and running in minutes using the graphical user interface to locate, configure, set-up and manage the device from one central location. The endpoints can then be simply plugged in and within minutes they are ready to go.

If you do not want to roll out new endpoint hardware when you virtualise your IT infrastructure, convert your existing PC’s and notebook to IGEL-like endpoint devices and sweat your hardware assets for longer. Using IGEL’s Universal Desktop Converter, old PCs, notebook and even competitor endpoints can be converted in minutes and then managed using the IGEL management software.

Once converted, IGEL-like devices are also much cheaper to run and greener than PCs. When researchers compared new PCs and notebooks with older devices, which continued to be used after converting them to software-based endpoints, they found that over a typical three-year period the impact of software endpoints reduced global warming potential by up to 59%, and cut overall costs by up to 47%. For a business with 100 converted computers that’s a saving of £720 ($USD 880) per computer.

They are difficult to secure and manage

Wrong! IGEL endpoints are inherently more secure than PCs. They are immune to viruses and if stolen, all the data remains on the server – rather than the device – making them ideal for organisations where data protection is a major concern.

Management couldn’t be easier. Up to 100,000 devices can be managed by the IGEL management software and devices can be centrally updated, remotely controlled and even switched off and on at a certain time – all by an IT administrator with a few simple mouse clicks.

Users hate them.

Wrong! Users love IGEL endpoints. The IGEL devices are much smaller than traditional PCs and take up far less room on the desktop. They have no fans or moving parts, so are much quieter and generate much less heat. Log-in times are much faster than using a PC. In fact, doctors and nurses at a large Scottish hospital trust recently reported how delighted they were at the ability to immediately log in and roam from one endpoint to another quickly and securely when they moved from paper-based to electronic patient records via an IGEL endpoint solution

Surprised by at least one of these facts, then why not take a deeper dive on our site!

Simon Richards

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