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4 Industries Keep Workers Productive from Home with UD Pocket2

4 Industries Keep Workers Productive from Home with UD Pocket2

New UD Pocket2 is Now Shipping. See How Finance, Healthcare, Higher Education and Retail Organizations are Realizing its Value.

The new UD Pocket2 is here. A portable USB device with a USB-A and a USB-C connector, this nifty little gadget enables secure and rapid access from any x86-64 endpoint, to managed cloud-delivered or VDI digital workspaces. Compatible with both legacy and modern devices, the UD Pocket2 suggest to put “UD” and “Pocket2” appear in one sentence, not interrupt it is also an ideal solution for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) users, work-from-home users, or organizations that wish to repurpose aging or existing hardware to allow simplified and managed access to the company network or cloud workloads, from anywhere and from almost any device.

We’ve seen UD Pocket devices put into use across many industries. Here is a quick rundown on ways that it’s helping organizations from four of those industries realize rapid benefits for more secure end user computing productivity.

Finance Organizations Shift Employees to Work from Home Overnight

We’ve seen many financial services and banking organizations shift to a work from home (WFH) model for their employees overnight. One example is Standard Life Assurance. With the UD Pocket this financial services company was able to deliver a full WFH solution for their entire business including 4,500 employees. Shipping an “office in a box” that included UD Pocket devices out to employees’ homes, Standard Life was able to empower workers, without the need for any new laptops or PC hardware. As a result, staff quickly had easy and secure access to corporate applications, including collaboration tools like Skype for Business, for a seamless transition to WFH. What had initially been scoped out as a two-year project was achieved using UD Pockets in just weeks. Read the case study.

Healthcare Workers Increase Staff Productivity and Endpoint Security

The UD Pocket has also been a powerful enabler for customers in the healthcare industry. Consider the story of the post-acute care provider, Diversicare. Using UD Pockets this healthcare provider with 76 facilities across 10 states was able to shift easily to desktop virtualization to simplify endpoint management and control without a costly hardware refresh. With the UD Pocket, the healthcare organization was able to increase staff productivity, strengthen endpoint security, and empower its growing network of skilled nursing facilities without a heavy upfront cost. Ultimately Diveriscare benefitted from a net savings of more than $600K. Read the case study.

Higher Education Instructors Engage Students at Home

Institutions of higher education are also realizing the value of the UD Pocket. With this simple-to-install device, instructors can easily access their institutions’ applications to instruct from home without performance interruption or limitations. Universities, colleges and centers of research and training rely on the UD Pocket to gain full management and control of their remote endpoints, ensuring the productivity of their instructors and staff, and furthering the engagement of their students by getting the most out of their virtualized environments. Read the solution brief.

Retailers Maintain Compliance and Support Customers with Agents from Home

Workers in the retail industry have also addressed WFH needs with the UD Pocket. We’ve seen retailers quickly empower their call center agents and staff using UD Pockets to convert their personal devices into a secure and easy-to-manage endpoint estate. With the need to compliantly handle sensitive customer data according to PCI-DSS regulations, these retailers have found an easy solution with IGEL. Shipping UD Pocket devices to home-based workers has ensured productivity and business continuity while ensuring secure and compliant data access. Read the solution brief.

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The UD Pocket2 is now generally available featuring both USB-A and USB-C connectors to support legacy systems as well as the latest, modern devices that use USB Type-C interfaces. It’s an elegant solution to transform any X86-64 system into a fully functional IGEL OS-powered endpoint for secure, managed, and controlled access to VDI, virtualized apps, and cloud-delivered digital workspaces. Register today for a free trial.

Michail Maridakis

Michail is a product management leader in IGEL, responsible for the IGEL endpoint portfolio. Before that he had senior roles in R&D and product management at FUJITSU.
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