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IGEL DISRUPT 24 Sponsor Q&A Interview: LG

IGEL DISRUPT 24 Sponsor Q&A Interview: LG

IGEL DISRUPT, the Ultimate EUC event, is back! Taking place in Miami, Fla., from April 29 through May 1, IGEL DISRUPT 24 will feature an action-packed agenda designed to immerse attendees in thought leadership content, technical bootcamps, and customer discussions on endpoint cybersecurity, the futureproofing of digital workspaces and how to drive innovation in the new hybrid working world.

We are kicking off our IGEL DISRUPT 2024 sponsor interview series with Aaron Addison, Strategic Alliance Manager for LG Business Solutions. Read on to learn more about LG’s partnership with IGEL and why they are sponsoring IGEL DISRUPT 2024.

Tell us about your company and how you partner/go to market with IGEL. How long have you been an IGEL partner?

Aaron Addison: LG has been steadfastly dedicated to providing the world with the ultimate endpoint solution for seamless cloud connectivity. Through our partnership with IGEL and their groundbreaking software-defined endpoint management solutions in IGEL OS 12, we have achieved a comprehensive approach toward realizing this vision. LG and IGEL joined forces in 2018, and as our partnership continues to flourish, we eagerly anticipate unveiling numerous innovative products to market through our collaborative efforts.

At LG, we recognize the immense value that IGEL’s solutions bring. By integrating their cutting-edge technology with our expertise in endpoint hardware, we’ve offered our customers a complete solution that meets and exceeds their expectations for cloud connectivity and endpoint management.

Our partnership with IGEL is more than just a collaboration; it’s a synergy of innovation and shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in endpoint management. Together, we’re providing industry-leading solutions to our customers and shaping the future of cloud connectivity and endpoint computing.

And as the saying goes, “You can’t spell IGEL without LG!” This mantra encapsulates the deep integration and symbiotic relationship between our two companies. We look forward to continuing our journey with IGEL, delivering revolutionary products and solutions that empower businesses worldwide to thrive in the digital age.

Do you have any examples of customers who have benefited from using your solution with IGEL?

Aaron Addison: One example of this is one of the largest healthcare providers in New York, which serves over a million patients annually and became a joint customer of LG and IGEL. The healthcare provider’s challenge was aging endpoint hardware and an inconsistent user experience, as Windows OS requirements for migrations and updates were taxing their internal resources. The desire to standardize VDI clinical and remote access using Citrix meant new hardware and software were needed. They selected LG Cloud Devices with integrated IGEL OS and the Universal Management Suite (UMS). The decision to move forward with the LG and IGEL solution gave them an estimated savings of more than $2 million over three years. IGEL OS improves stability and streamlines Windows patching and management. The combined LG and IGEL solution also promotes secure remote access to cloud workspaces through modern endpoint hardware and software. Further, the digital experience was standardized with Citrix VDI and LG AIO Thin Clients.

Why did LG sponsor IGEL DISRUPT 24, and what are you most fired up about the event?

Aaron Addison: LG chose to sponsor DISRUPT24 because we understand the significance of the customer experience and employee experience in the modern workspace. It’s crucial now more than ever for end-users, who today may be accessing their digital workspaces from almost anywhere, to enjoy a great experience from their endpoint device. Organizations that do not prioritize user experience risk losing their best people to other companies or competitors. We at LG believe IGEL OS meets this demand. What better place to showcase our technology partnership than at the largest EUC event of 2024?

What is your definition of a dream vacation, and why?

Aaron Addison: My definition of a dream vacation is a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural enrichment. It’s not necessarily about expensive destinations or extravagant activities but rather about experiences that resonate with me and leave a lasting impression. I need the perfect balance of exploration and relaxation, where I can immerse myself in new cultures, landscapes, and activities while recharging and rejuvenating.

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Divya Saggar

Director of IGEL Ready, IGEL
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