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IGEL Partners: Examples of Being Agile and Nimble in this Transitionary Time

IGEL Partners: Examples of Being Agile and Nimble in this Transitionary Time

As we return from our Thanksgiving break in the US, with year-end upon us, I look back and reflect on a very unique year. Who would ever have foreseen the overnight transition to remote selling and marketing back in March? We all felt the uncertainty of the new environment and the effect it had on our pipeline in Q2… but by mid-summer, our customers had adapted and settled into a new cadence.

In fact, COVID hasn’t stopped the digital transformation journey that many of our customers are on. I was reading a recent IDC study on the technology investment trends for the future enterprise that will continue to drive digital transformation. One of the trends – creating digital parity – jumped out at me!

  • By 2022, an additional $2 billion will be spent on desktop- and workspace-as-a-service by the G2000, as 75% incorporate employees’ home network/workspace as part of the extended enterprise environment.
  • By 2023, 75% of the G2000 will commit to providing technical parity to a workforce that is hybrid by design rather than by circumstance, enabling them to work together separately and in real-time.
  • Furthermore, for our biggest industry, healthcare, IDC predicts that providers are set to increase spending by 70% on connected health technologies by 2023.

IGEL products and solutions are perfectly aligned with driving innovation in desktop- and workspace-as-a-service applications! Ease-of-use and security are key tenets of IGEL’s strategy, and with a $2B addressable market in front of us, growth opportunities are large and profitable for partners who work with us.

We are so thankful for our partners who were agile and nimble in this transition. Not only did they enhance their IGEL technology skills, they also refined their ability to market and sell IGEL products during this unique time. As I meet with many key partners this quarter to put together business plans for 2021, here are a few illustrative examples of partners who are agile and focused on meeting customers’ needs using IGEL software solutions:

Third Octet is creating a practice called BYOW – “Bring Your Own Workspace.” Focusing on creating IP and solutions to deliver business outcomes for our customers. Their recurring revenue is growing extremely fast with this focus.

Entisys360 has proactively been putting on workshops, bringing in customers to enable them, and at the same time completing all of IGEL’s sales and technical certifications. This is allowing them to lead PoVs in the sales cycle, as well as building pipeline.

Right Systems has been shadowing IGEL on PoVs to get even more skilled to drive successful customer implementations and is building their services revenue as a result. They just booked one of our largest customer deals with a healthcare institution.

MSG has been a strong advocate of IGEL by educating our German customers on IGEL software solutions, trade-up programs, support we provide and our technological leadership, as well as providing NFR licenses for customers. This has resulted in several customers committing to IGEL and building a nice pipeline for MSG.

Nimble has been doing a great job in focusing on solving for the business outcomes that our Benelux customers are looking for. They have quickly raced through our certification process, getting skilled and now offering a DaaS offering to our SMB customers.

There are many more examples like these illustrating how partners are engaging with us and driving customer success.

I recognize, with the pandemic still with us, forecasting for 2021 won’t be easy. But let’s take it one quarter at a time and continue to drive customer success together. Look out for our new partner program to be launched in January. It will continue to have a strong focus on the enablement journey for partners, but will also offer a set of incentives to reward partners that drive customer success, sales and pipeline.

Andriy Pozharuk

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