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Looking for an Endpoint that Can Leverage PCoIP Ultra™ Features? Check Out the New High-Performance IGEL UD7

Looking for an Endpoint that Can Leverage PCoIP Ultra™ Features? Check Out the New High-Performance IGEL UD7

The following is a guest post from Teradici’s Brian Lowe, VP OEM Sales. It first appeared on the Teradici blog.

Remote workers with exacting requirements, including creators, designers and engineers, trust PCoIP® technology to deliver a secure, high fidelity remote desktop experience regardless of network conditions. PCoIP Ultra™ protocol enhancements propel our Emmy Award-winning performance into the future of remote computing with the most accurate and distortion-free remote workstation experience. In an earlier blog series, Teradici’s Ian Main provided detailed insight into PCoIP Ultra enhancements, including features of compatible clients.

We’re excited to share that, with the launch of the IGEL UD7, there are more options to take advantage of these enhancements. The new IGEL UD7 offers ultra-high performance graphics capabilities powered by the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1605B processor, featuring support for up to four 4K displays, along with advanced connectivity features including a new integrated fiber option for secure, anytime and anywhere access to critical data and applications via IGEL OS, all in a modern, eco-friendly design. It comes pre-configured with IGEL OS Workspace Edition software and features built-in support for Teradici Cloud Access Software. The IGEL UD3 was the first endpoint device to be optimized for PCoIP Ultra features, announced in February 2020.

“The IGEL UD7, running IGEL OS 11, is optimized for cloud connectivity with the Teradici PCoIP software client for Linux, including the latest PCoIP Ultra feature sets, which accelerate the decoding process on the client,” said Simon Clephan, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, IGEL. “Teradici helps us meet exacting requirements for data integrity within the most demanding digital environments, while providing our customers with an unparalleled remote desktop experience, particularly for those in media & entertainment, design, life sciences, architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services sectors.”

For over a decade, Teradici has established a solid track record with high-performance users by enabling a high-fidelity desktop experience delivered as an encrypted pixel stream to your choice of endpoint device, all while your content remains secured in your data center. Host connectivity is flexible, too—the IGEL UD7 with the Teradici PCoIP software client can connect to a Teradici Cloud Access Software (CAS) Windows or Linux desktop—and soon to a remote macOS desktop.

The result is streamlined productivity, even under the most demanding environments. For example, television and other broadcast studios leverage remote workstations and PCoIP Ultra feature enhancements for video editing bays, play-out tools, video loggers and even mobile production units. As control rooms are shifting to IP-based workflows decentralized from hardware, remote desktops pave the way for efficiency and flexibility in broadcasting, without compromising performance. Similar examples can be found across architecture & design, science and research, finance, banking and trading, and many other industries.

The pandemic has fundamentally shifted the thinking around remote work, making it a strategic priority for virtually every industry. All remote workers can benefit from PCoIP, from the high-end, graphics-intensive user, and it’s great to see leading partners like IGEL providing powerful client options for our mutual customers.

For a technical deep dive into PCoIP Ultra protocol enhancements, check out this webinar: PCoIP Ultra: The Most Advanced Remoting Protocol for Virtual Workstations.

Brian Lowe

Vice President, OEM Sales for Teradici.
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