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IT Baller Finalist Toppan Vintage Supports Acquisitions and Scales Endpoint security and optimization with IGEL

For our latest look at the IT Baller Finalist testimonials, consider the story of Toppan Vintage.

Toppan Vintage is the world’s largest printing group with approximately US$14 billion in annual sales.  Toppan acquired Vintage Group in 2017, effectively doubling its size to over 200 staff, and in 2018 acquired Merrill Corporation’s  Capital Markets and Marketing and Communications Solutions (MCS) businesses. The company needed to quickly scale up to integrate new systems and people, and wanted a modern endpoint security and optimization solution that would support its Citrix Virtual Desktops environment.

Toppan Vintage was chosen as an IT Baller finalist because Thomas Mangan and his team are reducing capital costs, increasing operational efficiency and improving their endpoint security and agility. Toppan Vintage has deployed 150 IGEL UD3 multimedia endpoints and is using IGEL’s Cloud Gateway to manage and provide access to endpoints at its branch offices.

Thomas’s staff is using the IGEL UD Pocket to repurpose its laptop computers to run IGEL’s secure Linux OS and give access to Citrix without having to buy new devices.  IGEL is also providing protocol flexibility and a simple, fast install, hallmarks of its revolutionary endpoint solution.  All of the endpoints in Thomas’s environment are being managed by the IGEL UMS, efficiently controlling the devices from a single console and helping Toppan Vintage scale up without having to add IT staff, a sign of a true IT Baller.

Give Thomas’s videos a watch and let us know if you think he deserves to be recognized as our IT Baller of the Year, 2018.

“We worked with IGEL’s software engineers to create our policies, then plugged the IGEL UD3s into power and our network. The IGEL Universal Management Suite discovered them and did the rest for us.  It was remarkably easy.”

-Thomas Mangan, Vice President, Information Technology and Production Design, Toppan Vintage

Learn more about Toppan Vintage’s use of IGEL in this video:

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You can also learn more about how IGEL’s UMS can help you on this webpage.


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