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Simplifying Instant App Access for Healthcare Users

Simplifying Instant App Access for Healthcare Users

No industry is more dependent on rapid, decisive action than healthcare. From initial patient check-in to after-care outpatient treatment, delays or wasted time in any form can create severe impacts on patient outcomes and their ongoing health. For healthcare IT organizations, instant app access to clinical apps and patient medical records is not an option, it’s a requirement that cannot be compromised.

Importance of Instant App Access

Whether in a local neighborhood urgent care center or across a large regional network of hospitals, healthcare IT must offer clinicians, physicians, and nurses the ability to access the needed tools and information quickly and easily to do their jobs as effectively as possible. Administrative and operations staff must also be as efficient as possible to minimize patient wait times and more recently have secure access to the systems from home. In addition, all healthcare facilities must maintain compliance with patient confidentiality and data storage and retention requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI to name just a few. This compliance includes protecting data and healthcare employees from security threats such as ransomware.


At IGEL, we do our part to help healthcare clinical staff work as efficiently and productively as possible. Our IGEL operating system runs on clinical endpoint devices in thousands of hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. Fast, lean, and secure, IGEL OS enables existing and future endpoint devices to operate at peak performance and can be found in healthcare environments running any of the popular electronic health records (HER) apps including Cerner, Epic, Allscripts, and MEDITECH.

Strong integration with IGEL Ready technology partner Imprivata (at the OS level) helps ensure instant access to patient data from any compatible x86-64 device, including computers on wheels (CoW’s) and locally accessed stationary devices, like at nursing stations. Clinicians can roam between devices and immediately access where they left off, or multiple clinicians can share a single device. In all cases, the access to needed apps and patient info is seamless and secure with a single smartcard “tap” or mouse click, with HIPAA and GDPR information confidentiality compliance maintained at all times.

At IGEL, we’re proud of our many healthcare customers who rely on our technology, along with other companies, to help provide better patient care.

To learn more, read the IGEL in Healthcare infographic.


Dan O'Farrell

Dan O'Farrell is the VP of Product Marketing at IGEL
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