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UMS 6.03: Enterprise Ready!

UMS 6.03: Enterprise Ready!

IGEL recently introduced the latest release of its award-winning endpoint management tool — the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS). With this release, IGEL UMS 6.03.110, we’ve included several significant improvements.

To begin with, the IGEL UMS Console, which system administrators use for their daily work, has been refined and optimized for even faster management of large numbers of devices – ranging from a few endpoints to upwards of tens of thousands of devices.

Further, secure shadowing of devices outside the corporate LAN (via IGEL Cloud Gateway) has also been added, enabling helpdesk staff to see users’ screens, even when they are working remotely from their home office or traveling.

Finally, the release is nicely rounded out with many nifty user experience features such as copying a device’s complete system information to the clipboard in one click.

Additionally, the complete IGEL UMS architecture has received improvements including support for up to 100,000 endpoint devices in a single cluster. To scale to this number and beyond, IGEL’s UMS R&D team completely re-engineered the UMS architecture with an array of improvements designed for massive scalability, including a new caching algorithm and a highly capable memory management system, to name just a couple of the enhancements.

Beyond its even greater scale, the IGEL UMS is ready for the modern global enterprise with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 now added to the list of supported software platforms, and support for Microsoft SQL Server Always On Availability Groups.

All this innovation underscores the impact and significance of the UMS 6.03.110 release. Legendary for its simplicity, the IGEL UMS is now ideal for any organization of any size, from the small business to the Global 500 enterprise!

Learn more about this latest UMS release here.

Mathias Huber

Mathias Huber is a Senior Product Security Manager at IGEL.
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