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Delivering cost effective, manageable
zero-compromise endpoint security.

Everyone working in government in any capacity gets used to hearing the ‘B’-word. That’s right – ‘budget’. However tight that is, you still have to make sure that security is a central consideration at every level of the IT stack. On the one hand, you are required to protect data at the endpoint and systems from external cyber threats: on the other, you likely have a wide variety of endpoints, applications, licenses and user needs. That’s in the office. At a user’s home and out in the field.

How do you square that circle?
IGEL makes that possible.

Zero compromise
means zero compromise.


Good news! You get to keep your endpoint refresh budget! Today. And tomorrow. While upgrade them all to a secure next-gen with IGEL OS. It converts any compatible x86-64 device to an inherently secure IGEL endpoint. And the savings continue as you can manage them from a single console. You’ll enjoy precise, centralized modular control over how your endpoints are configured, assigning features and customizations to different government personnel by policy, from a single pane of glass.

Patching sucks.

Deliver all the patches and firmware updates you need, as well as software upgrades, fast and reliably. IGEL OS’ ‘buddy update’ approach reduces the impact of bandwidth bottlenecks and covers devices in controlled government environments, as well as remotely deployed devices.

Zero means zero.

IGEL OS is based on Linux with a tiny attack surface that mitigates malicious attacks and was born for zero compromise secure endpoint operation and remote management. Its inherent security is further boosted by IGEL OS’ unique ‘chain of trust’ which approves every stage of the boot process from endpoint processor or UEFI process to the destination server/cloud.

Don’t take our word for it.

Learn how Scottish government agency enables “anywhere” computing with Citrix and IGEL.


Modernize government IT with a simple, smart, and secure end user computing approach.

See how IGEL supports customers in other critical markets

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