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See every endpoint. Everywhere.

Spend less money. Save more time. And sleep well.

From back room desktops to point of sale devices. Geographically dispersed sites. And an often seasonal, transient workforce. Keeping tabs on endpoint security in every store and site you manage can be a headache. Patching is a complete pain. Along with the sheer cost and time you spend on endpoint security. Distracting you from your other priorities. Right?

It’s time to manage like a god.

IGEL OS is ideally suited to open retail environments. Its Linux-base is more than just secure: it’s inherently secure. This is a next-gen edge OS that’s secure from the boots up. No other edge OS comes close.

Here’s how
IGEL OS helps


With IGEL OS securing your endpoints, they simply become one less thing to worry about. And IGEL OS helps manage your PCI compliance as no card or transaction data is stored locally.


Patching sucks. That’s for sure. IGEL allows you to manage all your endpoint OS and app updates, wherever they are, simply, securely and powerfully from a single pane of glass. Keeping all your software and firmware up to date remotely is the way it should be: suck free.

Security. Built in.

IGEL OS works great in open public environments. You can easily manage, move and activate user logins, in any store and on any device. And because it’s modular by design, unused features can be turned off. And its tiny attack surface minimizes malware attacks. Finally, IGEL OS gives you secure endpoints that won’t compromise user productivity or experience.

Don’t take our word for it.

Read how IGEL made to measure for fast moving fashion business.

Retail Solution Brief

Improve security, enhance user satisfaction, and boost revenue growth.

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