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(General Public License)

The software included in this IGEL product contains protected software that is licensed under the GPL.

IGEL provides a copy of the complete corresponding source code for a period of three years after the last shipment of this product.

You may request a copy by either:

  1. Completing the below form.
    After we receive your completed form, we will provide you with a download link containing the corresponding source code package.
  2. Mail IGEL a written request to the address below and be sure to provide a return address.

IGEL Technology GmbH
Attn: GPL Source Code Offer
Melli-Beese-Str. 3, 86159 Augsburg, Germany

Please be aware that this package only contains the GPL affected parts of the IGEL operating system. All other parts of the IGEL OS will not be disclosed.

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