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IGEL & Veridium: Secure Devices and Secure User Access

Jun 17, 2021
14:00:00 - 15:00:00
Watch: live
Length: 1 hour

Secure Device and Secure User Access: Prevent data breaches and fraudulent access to your organisation without upgrading your infrastructure.

Thursday 17th June, 14:00 BST

Improve your organisation’s security with IGEL Technology and Veridium – a combined security solution that secures the endpoint and reduces the possible attack surface, as well as improving user productivity and experience — all whilst reducing operational costs through password and token elimination.

The IGEL OS is a read-only operating system, which enables you to make untrusted devices safe and secure, with a simple reboot. This removes any concerns of spyware or malware that may be present on existing devices, coupled with a management layer that can lock down the OS to your requirements, irrespective of the user/device location.

Together with Veridium Trusted Digital Identity, you can provide intelligent, passwordless user access to all your organisation’s applications and services. Eliminate credential misuse through sharing, phishing attacks, password spraying, and other common methods used for data breaches.

Join our experts, Simon Townsend (Chief Marketing Officer, IGEL Technology) and John Spencer (Chief Strategy Officer, Veridium), where they’ll show the true value of IGEL and Veridium working together and how this groundbreaking security combination can help you meet regulatory compliance for data access, and ensure only trusted devices and users are permitted access, keep your organisation safe and secure.

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IGEL Technology


Simon Townsend
Chief Marketing Officer, IGEL Technology
John Spencer
Chief Strategy Officer, Veridium
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