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IGEL and Veridium

Secure Devices and Secure User Access

IGEL and Veridium offer a unique security solution, that protects and secures the endpoints as well as providing secure intelligent passwordless user access to all your organisation’s applications and services.


IGEL OS, the next-gen edge OS for digital and cloud workspaces, is lightweight and purpose-built for enterprise access to virtual environments. IGEL OS is IGEL’s platform-independent Linux-based next-gen endpoint operating system for simple, smart, and secure endpoint control and optimization. IGEL OS turns any compatible x86-64 device or thin client into a secure IGEL-managed endpoint.


Built-in Enterprise-Level Security

Endpoint Management made Easy

Enhanced User Experience

Minimize Procurement costs

Easy Customization

Modular Configuration

Veridium logo

Veridium is obsessed with providing security solutions for removing passwords for users. The solutions help organisations improve security, eliminating phishing, brute force, password replay attacks that are responsible for many of the data compromises we see today. Additionally, Veridium believes that security should not come at the expense of user experience, removing the friction of passwords and legacy OTP (One Time Password) technology for users, and creating a simple, yet secure process to validate user identity, not only improves user experience but increases productivity. With Veridium all digital users and identity, and security professionals are happy.


IGEL and Veridium demo video

Increased security

Reduce operational costs

Improve user experience

Meet regulatory compliance

Protect all applications

Technology neutral

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