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Linux Third Party Database

This database provides an overview of the integrated drivers in our IGEL Linux systems (graphic cards and soundcards apply only for the UDC). These drivers support a lot of different hardware versions. For every hardware model the database lists whether IGEL continuously tests and verifies the hardware or a third-party was able to run it successfully in their environment.

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Status Legend

Hardware continuously verified through IGEL
Hardware successfully tested by third-party
Hardware unsuccessfully tested
No test results available so far
Product Firmware
2Wire, Inc. 802.11b Wireless Adapter [Lucent/Agere Hermes I] 0x1630:0xFF81 10.06.100
2Wire, Inc. 802.11g Wireless Adapter [Intersil ISL3886] 0x1630:0x0005 10.06.100
3Com 3CRUSB10075 802.11bg [ZyDAS ZD1211] 0x6891:0xA727 10.06.100
3Com Corp. 3C19250 Ethernet [klsi] 0x0506:0x03E8 11.04.100
3Com Corp. 3C460B 10/100 Ethernet Adapter 0x0506:0x4601 10.06.100
3Com Corp. 3Com Home Connect lite 0x0506:0x00DF 11.04.100
3Com Corp. 3CRSHEW696 Wireless Adapter 0x0506:0x0A01 10.06.100
3Com Corp. 3CRWE254G72 802.11g Adapter 0x0506:0x0A11 10.06.100
3Com Corp. HomeConnect 3C460 0x0506:0x11F8 11.04.100
3Com Corporation 3com 3CRWE154G72 [Office Connect Wireless LAN Adapter] 0x10B7:0x6001 10.06.100
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