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IGEL OS on HP Thin clients – HP joins IGEL Ready Program

IGEL OS on HP Thin clients – HP joins IGEL Ready Program

Today IGEL is excited to announce that HP has joined the IGEL Ready Program, adding several validated HP Thin client devices into the program, all of which can run IGEL OS.

IGEL Ready Program

One year after the launch of IGEL Ready, over 100 hardware and software vendors have now joined the partner program designed to develop verified and integrated solutions with IGEL technologies.

As many already know, HP is a market leader in cloud computing and offers a range of powerful cloud solutions, including Thin client devices. Across the range, HP thin clients offer at least dual 4K monitor support with a range of powerful processors and connectivity options.

HP T430, T540 and T640

Today’s announcement sees HP join as an Advanced level partner, adding the HP t430, t540 and t640 thin client devices to the program allowing customers to deploy IGEL OS on both new and existing HP thin clients with confidence.



HP and IGEL have jointly tested and validated each device with IGEL OS resulting in both parties now offering customer support.

Coupled with the secure IGEL operating system, organisations can deploy endpoints that are both secure, easy to manage and provide the very best in employee experience. Together, HP and IGEL are helping organizations to deploy ‘work from anywhere’ solutions that can securely connect to the latest versions of Citrix, VMware, Microsoft AVD, Amazon WorkSpaces, offering support for Unified Communications offloading (such as MS Teams and Zoom) and helping accelerate the move to cloud-delivered digital workspaces.

IGEL OS has already been deployed on hundreds of thousands of HP thin clients globally, helping reduce the cost of endpoint management, improving security, and providing the latest VDI/DaaS capabilities.

IGEL OS licences for HP thin clients will continue to be obtained through our channel partners and can be deployed on both existing and new HP thin clients. Together, HP and IGEL OS can help save cost, improve security, provide a great user experience and reduce the carbon footprint for any organisation looking at deploying digital workspaces.

More information on the T430, T540 and T640 can be found on the IGEL Ready showcase site,


Bill McCarthy

Vice President Of Business Development at IGEL Technology

Carl Gersh

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