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Nymi Inc

Nymi was born out of ECG research at the University of Toronto by innovators who believed that reimagining technology with a human-centric approach could seamlessly integrate people with their digital world.

Today, Nymi creates a platform that connects people to their workplace differently.

Different was the only way to achieve better security, user privacy, productivity, and agility. 

It was the only way to unlock true digital transformation.

Nymi unifies and enhances workplace connectivity for the digital future. By moving identity to the secure edge, organizations can solve difficult challenges created by point solutions: security vulnerabilities, user privacy concerns, productivity slowdowns, employee fatigue, and more.

In moving the workforce onto a platform, organizations position themselves to welcome an optimistic digital future, where they reap the benefits of digital transformation and stem its threats.

As part of its diverse, global customer base, Nymi serves some of the world’s largest companies with deployments across 15 countries.

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