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We have 50 copies of Mastering VMware Horizon 8, an advanced guide to give away.

Looking to understand and deploy VMware Horizon 8? Then this is a must read, and IGEL has 50 copies to give away.

This book will show you how to design, install, configure and manage VMware Horizon 8, with a core focus on how to deliver virtual desktops using Horizon. With 1,100 pages of VMware Horizon goodness, including a foreword by IGEL CMO, Simon Townsend this book is a MUST READ for anyone looking at upgrading or deploying Horizon Virtual desktops. Simply fill in the form, take a 20 minute introductory call and we will send you the book.

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Peter von Oven

Content overview

  • Review remote solutions from virtual desktops to published applications
  • Deep dive into the VMware Horizon solution focusing on architecture and components – how to design a production-ready environment
  • Installation phase – building a test lab environment
  • Configuration phase
  • Resources built and configured, now discover other complementary solutions.

What You Will Learn

  • See the core components of VMware Horizon and their functionality
  • Design and install a Horizon environment
  • Deliver the best end-user experience
  • Manage the deployed solution
  • Use VMware reference architectures to create real-life scenario examples
  • Review the minimum requirements for designing a solution
Complete the form to receive your copy


IGEL is the Ultimate endpoint solution when deploying VMware Horizon, helping deliver rich employee experiences, tackling endpoint security concerns and simplifying endpoint management. IGEL helps organisations move faster to virtual desktops, supports all types of Unified communications and provides a secure, read only endpoint OS. For more information on IGEL and VMware please follow this link.

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