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Reduce Endpoint Budgets by as Much as 75%*

Move to Windows 11 in the Cloud with Existing Endpoint Hardware

Reduce your Endpoint Attack Surface by up to 95%

Preventative Security Model

IGEL OS is designed around a Preventative Security Model™ that removes the attack vectors exploited by bad actors for ransomware and other cyber-attacks. IGEL OS supports Zero Trust approaches to IT security.

Read-Only OS

Users cannot unwittingly, or maliciously, install malware to the endpoint. Organizations reduce the risk of successful phishing, ransomware and other cyber-attacks.

No Local Data Storage

No customer, patient or financial data is stored at the endpoint eliminating possible data breaches from lost or stolen endpoints.

Trusted Application Platform

A secure chain of trust from the hardware through the software ensures that IGEL OS has not been tampered with.

Modular Design

By delivering only what is needed at the endpoint, the attack surface is kept to a minimum. The IGEL App Portal enables on demand installation of partner applications.

Simplified Management

IGEL OS simplifies the endpoint footprint reducing the need for additional software agents, extensive testing programs, and long update cycles. The results are greatly reducing endpoint CAPEX and OPEX, more uptime and better endpoint performance.

Centralized Management

All IGEL OS endpoints are updated centrally within and outside of the network

No Extra Agents

The Preventative Security Model™ and single point of management removes the need for multiple additional agents saving time and money

No Untimely Reboots

Background updates and a small endpoint footprint keep workers focussed and productive

Supporting Sustainability

IGEL OS significantly improves IT’s contributions to meeting your organizations sustainability goals. Reducing power consumption and extending device lifecycles helps reduce carbon footprint by 60%.

Energy Efficiency

By removing the workloads from the endpoint with IGEL, SaaS, DaaS and VDI, power efficient devices improve consumption by up to 49%.

Extending the Device Lifecycle

Greater than 80% of a device’s carbon footprint comes from manufacturing and shipping. Delaying new device purchases averages that footprint from 3-5 years to 6-8 years.

Hybrid Working

Support for any devices form factor including laptops, desktops and thin clients supports hybrid working reducing commuter emissions.

One Secure Endpoint OS – Any Cloud Workspace

IGEL OS and VDI, DaaS, and SaaS solutions deliver a seamless workspace on any device, built to support the ways people connect, communicate and collaborate in hybrid work.

Endpoint performance, simplicity, security, partnership.

This is why customers choose IGEL.

Here’s what they say…

UD Pocket

Secure access to cloud workspaces on any device with UD Pocket – a bootable thumb drive enables users to securely boot from any device and gain access to your organization’s resources. Once your work is done, simply remove the UD Pocket to return to the native operating system.


IGEL Ready Connected Ecosystem

The IGEL ecosystem of partner solutions and applications for collaboration, communication, security, and analytics streamlines workspace efficiency, supports productivity with an exceptional digital user experience.


* Savings will vary depending on hardware refresh timeframes, cost of labor, cost of power, individual endpoint software licensing costs.

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