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2019: The Year DaaS Comes of Age

IDC estimates that 60% of infrastructure spending will be on public or private cloud by 2022 as organizations continue to seek ways to lower hardware costs and increase productivity by leveraging cloud-native applications.  Gartner sees DaaS reaching “essential” feature parity with VDI in 2019. Within these trends, IGEL sees a growing interest in Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) as an affordable solution for cloud-based computing.  IGEL’s partner, Dizzion, a DaaS provider, is a great example of innovative companies at the forefront of delivering DaaS services that meet today’s stringent compliance standards.

In 2019, IGEL believes DaaS will come of age, driven in part by major players such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google and IBM’s RedHat, all of whom are fighting to capture more of the enterprise cloud business.  As they innovate to improve desktop solutions, they will undoubtedly generate more enterprise awareness of DaaS as a viable alternative for cloud-delivered workloads.

Deploying DaaS

IGEL and Dizzion are partnering to deliver compliant-ready DaaS at the endpoint.  With this partnership we are addressing several key trends:

  • Endpoint computing is overdue for a change. Multi-faceted threats and an expanding attack surface means the Windows OS of the desktop cannot provide a secure environment.  IGEL’s Linux-based OS offers a minimal footprint – enabling quick and easy access to desktop applications, while reducing risk from cybersecurity threats.
  • Mobile device proliferation, IoT and employee turnover in a hot job market make high-cost hardware investments impractical and wasteful.IGEL’s software-defined approach to endpoint security and optimization meets organizations’ need to be far more nimble and cost-efficient in providing end user computing.
  • Extending the useful life of legacy hardware investment is also top of mind for cost-conscious organizations. IGEL software can repurpose x86 devices intomodern, secure, IGEL OS-based thin clients.
  • Compliance and overall regulatory standards for guarding against data breach are at an all-time high and will only get more stringent. However, compliance at the endpoint has been problematic for organizations under HIPAA or PCI (Payment Card Industry) guidelines, for example.Dizzion, using IGEL’s secure, software-defined endpoint security and optimization, has solved this endpoint challenge, and now provides end-to-end compliance for its customers.

DaaS in the Enterprise

Next year and beyond, DaaS deployment will increase as part of the larger trend of accelerated cloud adoption.  Software-defined endpoints with access to the cloud will be the preferred approach to accommodate private, public, or hybrid cloud environments.  Partnerships such as IGEL and Dizzion represent the future of end user computing, offering enterprises a secure, compliant way to provide anytime, anywhere access to desktops and applications, without a heavy hardware spend or forklift upgrade procurement costs.

For more information on IGEL and Dizzion’s combined solution, read here.

Simon Clephan

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