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A Day in the Life of an EUC Maverick: Leon Beitsch

A Day in the Life of an EUC Maverick: Leon Beitsch

Leon Beitsch is an IT visionary currently serving as IT System Administrator at Mölders Holding GmbH. The Mölders Holding GmbH is responsible for the Mölders Group, consisting of 5 building materials stores and 11 hagebau (DIY) stores in northern Germany.

Leon Beitsch has already gained considerable experience in the IT sector since starting his career just five years ago. In 2018, he began his training as an IT officer, successfully completing it in May 2021. He has been working as an IT administrator for Mölders Holding GmbH since June 2021, and when the head of his IT department resigned in May 2023, he took over the tasks of IT project and IT department coordination.

Throughout his time at Mölders, he has successfully managed, planned, or executed multiple IT projects, such as procuring new thin clients for the entire company in 2020, the technical realization of a major location renovation from 2020 to 2021, and executing the modernization to all cash systems, including new self-scanning checkouts, in 2023.

For his accomplishments, Leon has received several awards, including IGEL Community Insider, IGEL VIP, IGEL Community Member of the Year 2022, and most recently, IGEL EUC Maverick. “I am grateful for the opportunities I have had and take great pride in the recognition I have received for my accomplishments,” says Leon.

How I use IGEL: Repurposing hardware, increasing work efficiency, reducing e-waste and lowering costs

 As an IT administrator at Mölders, Leon oversees the company’s IGEL OS-powered endpoints. Additionally, he supervises IT field operations across the organization’s 16 locations in northern Germany.

“After replacing our outdated Windows 10 IoT thin clients in 2020, we deployed thin client endpoints running IGEL OS 11,” Leon explains. “These devices are now used primarily as shared workstations, and for sales purposes.”

He adds, “We are also repurposing decommissioned Windows 10 notebooks that are no longer compatible with Windows 11 or do not meet our business requirements. We convert these notebooks to IGEL OS 11, with a long-term plan to transition these devices to IGEL OS 12. We have also successfully recycled approximately 30 devices, transforming them into home-office notebooks or dedicated video conferencing devices.”

Leon says that all these efforts combined are designed to help Mölders reduce electronic waste and lower capital expenditures.

Why I choose IGEL: Seamless, secure, customizable

Mölders currently has 300 Windows PCs and servers and 350 IGEL OS-powered endpoints across its 16 locations. “Efficient management plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless and secure functionality of our workspaces,” says Leon.

He explains that IGEL’s read-only operating system, automatic updates, and security alerts through IGEL Security Notices (ISN), help his team ensure the security of Mölders’ digital workspaces.

“To keep things simple, we leverage the extensive customization of the system and/or user interface to deactivate unnecessary features and provide only essential functionalities,” he says, adding, “When using IGEL for remote session logins, it saves the last user and displays device information on the desktop through Conky displays, making it easier for users to communicate any issues with our support team. In addition, we have customized the user interface to align with our corporate design.”

Leon also says that IGEL’s excellent manageability and strong adaptability bring significant value to Mölders by saving time and resources. “By automating various tasks such as registration, license distribution, and configuration assignment, we can deploy endpoint quickly and easily,” he explains. “Compared to setting up a Windows 11 endpoint that takes approximately 1-2 hours, we can complete the setup of an IGEL OS endpoint in just about 10 minutes.”

He adds, “For a simple or shared workstation, I would always choose an IGEL OS endpoint instead of a Windows 11 endpoint. I highly recommend that anyone trying to create a secure and easy-to-manage digital workspace environment explore the IGEL ecosystem.”

Leon is grateful to be recognized as an IGEL EUC Maverick. “This honor means a lot to me, and I’m genuinely thrilled about it,” he says. “Joining the IGEL Community has been a highly rewarding experience for me, as it offers valuable information, excellent support, and a warm and enjoyable environment.”

About the EUC Mavericks Program

IGEL is where it is today with the thousands of IT professionals who use our industry-leading, software-driven solutions to deliver secure, productive, and cost-effective digital workspaces to organizations around the globe.

To recognize and honor these individuals for their many contributions, we launched the EUC Mavericks program in 2021. EUC Mavericks are at the top of their game, “CHALLENGING EVERYTHING” in delivering cutting-edge IT services.

IGEL inducted Leon Beitsch into the EUC MAVERICKS HALL OF FAME in January 2024.





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