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We’re Celebrating the Season and IGEL’s UDC3 Launch!

We’re Celebrating the Season and IGEL’s UDC3 Launch!

udc3-300x169‘Tis the season for thinking of gifts. Here at IGEL we have the gift of an amazing technical team who have developed our next-generation Universal Desktop Converter, dubbed the UDC3. Based on the newly minted IGEL Linux 10 operating system (OS), we’re launching the UDC3 today, and combined with our industry leading centralized endpoint security and optimization tools, it promises to blow past all other workspace solutions in the market!

In developing the UDC3, we hit the main checkpoints that technology customers and channel partners are looking for:

  • A lower-cost alternative to desktop computing hardware solutions
  • A simple means of extend the life of desktop PCs, laptops and endpoints
  • A secure centralized management solution that helps defend against cyberattacks

Let’s examine each of these in more detail:

Cost-effectiveness: IGEL’s UDC3 provides organizations of all sizes with a lower-cost alternative to traditional end user hardware, helping them to dramatically reduce their desktop computing costs. By deploying the UDC3 as a replacement for more costly and difficult-to-manage operating systems, we eliminate the need to invest in new hardware to support virtualized infrastructures. The UDC3 is ideal for organizations looking to take advantage of IGEL’s industry-leading workspace management capabilities to reduce operational costs.

Simplicity: The IGEL UDC3 can be installed as the operating system on nearly all endpoints, desktop and laptop computers that meet the minimum requirements of having an x86-based 64-bit processor, 2GB of RAM and 2GB storage. Using the IGEL UDC3 on these end-user computing devices converts them into an IGEL endpoint workstation running the IGEL Linux 10 OS with all the operational and cost benefits that IGEL offers.

Security: IGEL UDC3 offers broad support for security standards and protocols. In addition to supporting secure data transmission both inside and outside of corporate networks, IGEL Linux 10 helps companies protect themselves against data loss and malware attacks using tools such as DriveLock, an endpoint security solution that ensures USB devices connected to IGEL endpoints are approved for use. Furthermore, IGEL’s entire family of thin and zero client solutions supports two-factor authentication through integrated or external smart card readers or security tokens, which work together to ensure security is not compromised by cybercriminals.

With the release of the UCD3, customers will benefit from the advanced features of the IGEL Linux 10 OS, which introduces support for the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) to extend the IGEL’s UDC3 target platforms to the latest end-user devices including many laptop computers and desktop PCs, endpoints and alternative computing platforms like micro-PCs and compute sticks. Plus, with its enhanced 64-bit OS compatibility, the new version IGEL Linux delivers more access to RAM in next-generation devices.

Available Now!

Customers can leverage the benefits of the IGEL UDC3 immediately through a perpetual licensing model from IGEL channel partners, including IGEL Platinum Partners and Authorized IGEL Partners (AIPs). Our licensing model provides flexibility by offering the option of a one or three-year maintenance subscription for firmware updates. Additionally, with online license transfer, organizations with an active maintenance subscription can transfer their UDC3 license from one device to another, independent of MAC address via

‘Tis the season for giving, and we are giving a round of virtual applause to our talented technical team who continue to deliver the IT market’s best workspace management solution, offering an affordable, simple, yet highly powerful means of improving productivity in a securely managed environment, and doing it all while lowering capital expenditures and operational costs. Don’t delay! Take a look at the UDC3 today!

Jeff Kalberg

Principal Technology Evangelist at IGEL
Posted in Company News
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