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Conversant Group: DISRUPT EUC 2020

Conversant Group: DISRUPT EUC 2020

(The following is a guest blog post from Richard Faulkner at Conversant Group. You can view the original post here.)

Are you planning to attend the Disrupt 2020 conference this year? IGEL is hosting two of them. I will be attending my first Disrupt conference in Nashville from the 27th through the 29th of January. If you are involved in the end user community, this conference would be very beneficial for you to attend. It is at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Resort.

If you are not familiar with IGEL they have been taking the end user computing community by storm the last few years. They have a very innovative operating system that can be installed on almost any x86 based computer that turns it in to a managed terminal. They support just about any virtual desktop environment you can think of. Citrix, VMware, Windows Virtual Desktop, you name it. The advantage they bring is two fold. First, you do not need to acquire new hardware for your employees. They can use the equipment they already have. I have customers who have even re-imaged terminals from other vendors with this software. It extends the useful life of the hardware. Second, their management tool manages any and all devices running the IGEL OS. Unlike terminal management software that sets the settings dependent on the device etc. the IGEL OS allows you to set all the devices the same way. You can group them by location, purpose, etc. and push the settings any time to any device. It is much easier that using the management software that comes with other terminals or even managing Windows.

The OS looks and acts much like employees are used to. With tabbed access, etc. it doesn’t take much to get them up to speed. It’s ease of use can make the change over very easy.

The conference will be covering all manner of virtual desktops and end user computing. Besides the keynotes, there are breakout sessions on Windows Virtual Desktop, Citrix Managed Desktops, Nutanix, OS10 migrations, just to name a few. Some of the sessions are given by people I have known for quite a while and I am always glad to hear what they have to say.

If you are responsible for end user computing, I highly recommend you attend. I hope to see you there! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. And if you are going to attend, tell them Rich sent you by using the code FAULKNER when you register. It could help us both out. You can register for the conference here.

Richard Faulkner

While working in the naval service, Richard started working with computers and found that he really enjoyed that type of work. Upon leaving active duty, he decided to re-career and work in the IT field. He now has worked deploying many different environments for everyone from a two-person accounting firm to Fortune 500 companies. Richard has a passion for Virtualization, Windows AD and Exchange, and storage. Currently, Richard works as a Solutions Architect at Conversant Group. He supports the sales team in working closely with customers to understand their needs and develops long term plans for meeting those needs and overcoming their pain points.
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