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Unified and Secure Access to VDI and Cloud Workspaces for Mergers and Acquisitions

Unified and Secure Access to VDI and Cloud Workspaces for Mergers and Acquisitions

Following recent news reporting the many mergers and acquisitions during 2020, I remember a time when I was personally affected by a process in which two companies became one. My first thoughts were: How will it go further? Will everyone keep their job? And other similar immediate post-announcement feelings.

After the dust had settled and routine returned, we suddenly had to deal with a completely new set of IT challenges from an end user computing perspective, that included:

  • Architecturally segregated users’ inability to access key systems like ERP or special applications
  • Disconnected or poor access to printers, card readers, scanners, copiers, and other peripherals
  • A disgruntled, hard-to-reach IT team that had to deal with more management solutions than usual for user devices running different operating systems from multiple hardware and software vendors

Now that I have been with IGEL for a number of years, I have learned that no IT team should have to burden itself with these post-M&A concerns. There is a platform-independent solution available today that can easily and seamlessly address the above areas of concern, and unify the management and control of all endpoints across a merged organization without requiring the addition of any new endpoint devices. It’s called IGEL OS.

IGEL OS is the next-gen edge operating system for cloud workspaces that enables easy and fast conversion and integration of all of an organization’s endpoints, regardless of brand, operating system, or existing management software, while allowing highly secure and productive access to virtualized apps, desktops, and cloud workspaces. PCs, laptops, VDI thin clients, and any other x86-64 devices can be easily converged onto a single endpoint management and control platform.  To further ease M&A transactions, IGEL supports a vast ecosystem of well over 100 integrated partner technologies to help ensure your end-to-end systems and solutions stay up.

Here’s what one of our customers has to say:

“The IGEL deployment has been a huge success for the college. It has been a complete game-changer – just by moving to IGEL we have addressed so many problems,” said Glen Harrison, IT Infrastructure Manager, Lincoln College Group.

Learn more in this app note: IGEL OS: The ideal next-gen endpoint OS for easy, seamless mergers & acquisitions

Catherine Gallagher

Senior Product Marketing Manager at IGEL
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