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DISRUPT 2020: “CloudJumper & IGEL: Together the Easy Button for WVD on Azure”

DISRUPT 2020: “CloudJumper & IGEL: Together the Easy Button for WVD on Azure”

Deploy WVD without PowerShell – CloudJumper, WVD and IGEL – Better Together

Microsoft’s foray into the cloud workspace landscape with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) has drawn great industry interest – and for good reason. WVD will change customer perceptions of unified workspaces going forward. Microsoft is bringing the market choice, affordability, familiarity and licensing flexibility in Azure WVD.

WVD gives customers new choices for cloud, licensing, management and adds fresh remote desktop solutions. However, WVD is a complex collection of Azure services. Further, it’s not a reach to say that WVD requires at least an intermediate level of PowerShell knowledge. This requirement could alienate a lot of customers who could immediately benefit from WVD – but it doesn’t need to. CloudJumper solves the complexity of PowerShell for deployment and management of WVD by using a simple web U.I. to automate, orchestrate and manage it.

CloudJumper funnels the hundreds of WVD setup options into a few key questions, then builds out your custom environment. With CloudJumper, you are just minutes away from deploying thousands of new WVD VMs.

For attendees at DISRUPT 2020 Nashville, “CloudJumper & IGEL: Together the Easy Button for WVD on Azure.” we’ll show how simple the deployment and management of WVD can be with CloudJumper and IGEL.

CloudJumper is proud to be a Microsoft Preferred ISV Solution provider for WVD. We’ve been working with Microsoft’s product team for two years on this solution.

Join Mike Wash, CloudJumper’s Vice President of Product Strategy and Paul Finn, Vice President of Sales (and former IGEL sales leader) to hear how CloudJumper and IGEL can work better together for organizations that want to get the most out of their WVD environment today.

If you are considering WVD, don’t miss this session. Register for DISRUPT 2020 Nashville now to reserve your seat. Session attendees will come away with a free trial license of CloudJumper’s CWMS software for WVD.

Mike Walsh

OnLogic Senior Product Manager
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