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DISRUPT23 Sponsor Q&A Interview: Parallels

DISRUPT23 Sponsor Q&A Interview: Parallels

Next week’s DISRUPT23 – The Ultimate Global EUC in Munich guaranteed to be packed with exciting news, insights and valuable content. If you are not planning to attend, don’t fret… you can still catch all of the incredible content in Nashville, April 3-5. Register here:

As we get ready to kick off next week’s event, we have another great sponsor Q&A for you. Read here from Marco Raffel, Parallels Regional Sales Manager and Steven Dewinter, Parallels Global Director of Sales Engineering, as they share more on the value they expect at DISRUPT23.

What makes DISRUPT23 – The Ultimate Global EUC Event?

Marco Raffel and Steven Dewinter: DISRUPT23 is the ultimate EUC event because it brings together change-makers and thought leaders from around the world in one dynamic space and fosters the conversations between brands and communications that lead to real, impactful change and innovation.

Why did you choose to be a DISRUPT23 sponsor?

Marco Raffel and Steven Dewinter: We have the chance, and perhaps more importantly, the responsibility to shape the future. Given that DISRUPT23 offers a significant platform to leaders who say yes to visionary thinking, it is essential for Parallels RAS and Awingu to be represented there.

What do you expect at this year’s DISRUPT23 event?

Marco Raffel and Steven Dewinter: We look forward to inspiring discussions and knowledge sharing around the future of Digital Workspaces in the new hybrid world. We’re excited to hear fresh ideas, effective ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency, more nimble and comprehensive security, and so much more.

Being a part of events like DISRUPT23 galvanizes our team’s creativity and drive to further improve our solutions to develop a better future for everyone.

What will you be presenting at DISRUPT23?

Marco Raffel and Steven Dewinter: Parallels RAS & Awingu–we will be doing a live interactive demo of these two environments where attendees can use their own devices to participate in a secure, live session.

What can attendees expect to learn?

Marco Raffel and Steven Dewinter: By connecting with us at DISRUPT23, attendees will learn how Parallels RAS and Awingu can simplify and streamline their current IT processes while also maximizing IT agility. Both Parallels RAS and Awingu give users a choice of when, where, and how they engage with the solutions.

Parallels RAS and Awingu enable improved digital workspaces for remote and hybrid workers along with a number of other unique benefits. Our solutions enable companies and partners to streamline their IT processes and reduce costs via a single licensing model. They also improve security and compliance for remote team members and can enable companies to reduce their overall hardware footprint.

Perhaps most importantly, they allow for IT teams to manage virtual desktops and applications from a single pane of glass, ensuring that monitoring and support and the over end user experience are simpler, smarter, and better.

Why is using your technology with IGEL better together?

Marco Raffel and Steven Dewinter: The theme and focus of DISRUPT23 is around saying ‘YES’ to delivering richer, secure, cost-effective and sustainable digital workspaces – that’s exactly what Parallels RAS & Awingu offer.

Parallels RAS/Awingu and IGEL OS combine perfectly, and organizations can use them to deliver corporate resources to remote employees in a cost-effective and secure manner. Below are some benefits of integrating Parallels RAS/Awingu with IGEL OS:

  • IT teams can deploy corporate resources in heterogeneous environments.
  • IT teams can streamline management processes.
  • Both Parallels RAS Client/Awingu and IGEL OS deliver enterprise-grade security.

Why do you think everyone in the EUC community should attend DISRUPT23?

Marco Raffel and Steven Dewinter: Hybrid working is the new reality. You can talk about it, or you can really do it. As DISRUPT23 is dedicated to EUC, it is the ultimate event and platform for shaping  the future together with the leaders who are changing the game.

Say “YES” to Attending DISRUPT23!

Are you ready to join in? Say “YES” to DISRUPT23 today. The Munich DISRUPT EUC event will be held February 14-16 at the INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort and in North America, IGEL will welcome attendees to the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, April 3-5. Registration is $399 per person. To register, visit: See you there!

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