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Endpoint security and optimization Cannot be an Add-On

Endpoint security and optimization Cannot be an Add-On

Addons IGEL Technology As the global leader in endpoint endpoint security and optimization, we at IGEL Technology are keenly aware of product announcements that focus on hardware while failing to acknowledge the key differentiators of firmware and more importantly device management.

A case in point: Recent published reports speak to Dell’s introduction of a new, low cost, terminal device, the Wyse 3040, that “blurs the lines between a PC and endpoint.” The reports speak to the “speeds ‘n feeds” of the device’s hardware, but pays little homage to firmware, which is the software that gives the device its personality, nor to device management. This approach is a great example of companies trying to capture market solely on hardware without delivering on the essential elements that make up an authentic enterprise endpoint solution.

Permit us to brag a little – IGEL is the future-looking Tesla of end user computing devices, where it is software that makes the device, and where management is an active-thought, not an after-thought. To be sure, hardware is important to a degree, but a hardware-focused approach is so very last year.

So, what constitutes an authentic enterprise endpoint solution? Here are a few absolutes:

Management by Design: A true enterprise endpoint solution includes end endpoint security and optimization by design. With all of the demands for connectivity, flexibility, security, stability, and a near zero touch administration, it is absolute that device firmware (or operating system) is designed in tandem with endpoint security and optimization. Consider the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) where every inch of the IGEL OS Linux-based endpoint firmware is centrally manageable.

Software Focus: Many endpoint products still focus on hardware, but the fact is, hardware is of minor importance when choosing the best endpoint solutions. True endpoints have nothing to do with hardware. In fact, what makes endpoints thin is their firmware or operating system. Take, for example, the IGEL OS which is a fully-featured, broad-based operating system that can convert any x86-based computing device into a managed endpoint.

Lean and Smart: Inexpensive endpoints that focus on hardware, and give only passing attention to firmware and management, do not equate to low cost and low maintenance. On the contrary, inexpensive, poorly designed devices will ultimately cost you more as firmware is not maintained, management is lacking, and features are not supported. When aiming for efficiency, you need a endpoint solution that reduces IT burden, not adds to it. IGEL OS combined with the IGEL UMS allows IT departments of all sizes to easily manage any and all endpoints using a powerful automation tool.

Agile Mobility: At the heart of any virtualized application or desktop solution is supporting a consistent, trouble-free user experience from wherever and however they work. IGEL supports these initiatives by delivering agility through its IGEL OS and Universal Management Suite (UMS). Our customers have proven, that when they move PC workloads from the endpoint to a centrally-managed data center, their users have a vastly improved experience: logins are faster, applications respond more quickly, and database queries are completed in seconds rather than minutes or hours. Sounds like a Tesla!

Uber Secure: At IGEL, we certainly agree that adopting endpoint technology can offer a more secure compute environment. However, certain features need to be in place to provide a true enterprise-grade endpoint security solution. The solution must mitigate risk in an environment where all edge devices have some sort of permanent storage (flash/disk). IGEL’s security features are purpose-built into its core IGEL OS, which means from the beginning, you have the industry’s best endpoint security! It is a solution that understands today’s multi-device and mobile worker world. IGEL’s solution implements a form of trusted execution, including a secure bootloader and a proprietary file system. Beyond system-level security, IGEL OS supports two-factor authentication, certificate management, and more. IGEL is also a strategic partner with organizations like Imprivata, Caradigm and SecMaker for Single Sign On.

High Performance, Low Stress: There may be a market for lower end endpoints, for those who can survive the stress of limited function management capabilities, and inadequate application utility. But for serious business users, you need fully integrated management that can handle the complexities of multiple devices and environments, while delivering a consistent and reliable VDI experience that supports end user requirements for productivity.

At IGEL, we deliver the only forward-thinking, truly authentic endpoint solution designed with enterprise-class management at its core. So we ask, do you want Tesla-level performance in your endpoint solution, or a lesser wannabe solution where endpoint security and optimization is an after-thought?

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Jeff Kalberg

Principal Technology Evangelist at IGEL
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