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IGEL DISRUPT ANZ has landed, and the natives will never be the same…

IGEL DISRUPT ANZ has landed, and the natives will never be the same…

Well, perhaps only partly true. But there are certainly a lot of technology partners, resellers, distributors and end-users who will go away with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm about the end-user computing space both here and across the world.

IGEL DISRUPT ANZ took place at Melbourne’s RACV Club over two very full days, encompassing a full day of technical training and workshops, then the main event with a diverse array of speakers, sponsor stalls and much, much more. Some of the very best minds in the business gathered to share their views on End User Computing, the future of the workplace and the fundamental value of improving User Experience.


Many thanks go to the sponsors of the event, as well as those who gave up their time to share knowledge with the forum.


“My first energy bill after moving to an IGEL solution running Citrix sessions was unbelievable. The cost of running our IT department and end points dropped from $10,000 per month to $1,200.” Boban Lukic, Choice Hotels Australasia.

“Since we moved to our IGEL VDI solution, help-desk calls have dropped by 80 percent. We now have more time to focus on other important aspects of the business.” Justin Francis, Eastern Health.

“Last year, we ran two competitions where we gave away a Tesla to someone from the industry that interacted with our events worldwide. True to form, I just saw last week that our major competitors have decided to run the exact same competition, a year after we had so much success with the program. I wonder if that might be symbolic, they are following our lead again!” Marc Doehnert, Regional Manager ANZ, IGEL.


Jed Ayres, CEO North America and global CMO, unveiled the latest IGEL campaign at the end of day two, introducing the IT Baller concept. Become a big-league player in IGEL’s EUC world, spread the word far and wide, and go in the running to be gifted part of the $120,000 prize pool. Share the stories, share the love, get the cash! As you might imagine, the competition was well received, with several partners and customers signing up on the spot…

The ANZ event was very well received, and has generated plenty of excitement within the local industry. IGEL remains firmly in the centre of the local debate around end user computing and improving the user experience, and coupled with a very strong group of dynamic, enthusiastic and deeply involved local partners, is in a very good position to tackle the local industry head-on.

Onwards and upwards, and keep on disrupting! That’s the IGEL way…

Marc Doehnert

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