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IGEL Intros IGEL Academy Premium for Advanced Technical Training

IGEL Intros IGEL Academy Premium for Advanced Technical Training

Subscription-Based Training Services Developed to Provide Customers and Partners with Engineer-Level Training

Since launching IGEL Academy, our Learning Management System (LMS), in October 2019, we’ve had more than 1,200 individuals from within our partner and customer bases sign on to increase their IGEL IQ! Many have completed our entry-level, yet challenging, IGEL Certified Professional (ICP) course, with more than a quarter of those going on to become an IGEL Certified Professional.

Now, it’s time to take things to the next level with a premium version of IGEL Academy from the IGEL Advanced Services and Training team. This new offering will provide learners with access to advanced training courses. The centerpiece of this offering today is the new IGEL Certified Engineer (ICE) course.

ICE is an advanced level technical course that builds upon the foundation set by the IGEL Certified Professional (ICP) coursework. The most significant difference you’ll discover with ICE is the addition of Live Self-Paced Lab Exercises that have become a significant part of the course, allowing learners to actively engage with the IGEL products, rather than just sit back and learn passively. Engineers must get their hands on products to really get to know them, and ICE delivers the experience they need.

Some of the topics we’ll cover in this new course include:

  • UMS Installation with Active Directory Integration
  • Delivery Token Activation with IGEL License Portal
  • Activating & Assigning Licenses to Endpoints
  • Zero-Touch Deployment with Automatic Licensing
  • Profile Customization & Firmware Updates
  • Deploying Files and Certificates
  • Enabling Peripherals, Mass Storage Devices & Smart Cards
  • Using Views and Jobs to Automate Processes
  • Shared Workplace & Template Keys and Groups

This new course certainly offers much value as a standalone offering, but it’s only the beginning of what learners will get with their IGEL Academy Premium subscription. Follow-up training on more targeted topics is already in production. We call these shorter, topical training classes “ICE Packs” and they will only be available to our Premium subscribers. We are planning several popular topics to cover this year so please stay tuned!

Also, Premium subscribers will get access to the next level of Certification when it becomes available, not to mention any and all updates for currently offered training courses. Watch the video:

Of course, we do hope you’ll check out the complementary offerings on IGEL Academy…it’s completely free to sign up! Maybe that’s all you’ll need. However, if you’re ready to join an elite group of IGEL technical experts by elevating your skills to the level of an IGEL Certified Engineer, it’s time to get signed up with IGEL Academy Premium!

At IGEL we like to say, “Challenge Everything.” As an IGEL Academy subscriber, we also want you to “Learn Everything!”

Never stop learning and never stop believing!

Irfan Khurshid

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