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IGEL and Fluendo: A Superb Multimedia Partnership

We at IGEL like to say we offer a ‘full PC-like’ experience to our customers. That means users at our IGEL-powered virtual desktops are getting all the convenience, functionality and personalization they would get with a PC. Multimedia applications are now a key user demand of any business PC user, and we are able to meet that demand, in our software-driven endpoints, thanks to our long term alliance with Fluendo.

IGEL knew we needed to enable local media playback and multimedia redirection for our endpoints. That was a key objective. We wanted to provide this multimedia capability to our business users accessing server-based computing and virtual desktops.

The Search: We started looking for a multimedia codec provider that would integrate well with the IGEL OS, and would offer multimedia streaming capability to rival any PC.

IGEL talked to major virtualization vendors and our search revealed Fluendo as a strong candidate.

The Solution: After examining Fluendo’s multimedia codec pack, we determined integration with our software development would be successful. We chose Fluendo as our integrator to provide the latest, most competitive multimedia drivers. Fluendo lived up to its promise, and turned out to be the best choice to provide the required codecs.

The Technology: With Fluendo as our partner, IGEL can support these major codecs:

  • Audio: MP3 | AAC | WMA Stereo
  • Video: WMV 7/8/9 | H.264  | MPEG-2 | MPEG ½

Some of the typical usage scenarios we support are:

  • local media player
  • local browser rendering multimedia content
  • Citrix HDX multimedia redirection
  • Citrix H.264 deep compression codec
  • Microsoft RDP multimedia redirection
  • Microsoft RemoteFX8 video optimized remoting
  • vWorkspace multimedia redirection

The Secure Choice: One of the reasons we chose to partner with Fluendo is that it is a leader in the GStreamer community, an open source alliance focused on building legal multimedia products. By supporting Fluendo’s GStreamer framework we are providing businesses with a legal solution for multimedia playback.

A Superb Partnership

Since IGEL began partnering with Fluendo, the use of rich media and multimedia applications has grown exponentially, IGEL has been able to provide business users with this advanced, legal, multimedia experience – rivalling any PC – thanks to the excellent, long standing partnership with Fluendo.

New multimedia applications surface continually. With Fluendo we know we are ready!


Matthias Haas

As Chief Technology Officer for IGEL Technology, Matthias Haas develops key technology partnerships and is responsible for IGEL’s hardware and software portfolio. With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Haas creates products that are tailored around the needs of IGEL’s customers and meet the evolving requirements of the global market. Haas is dedicated to creating solutions that help IGEL customers run their business endpoint solutions as efficiently as possible. He works together with existing technology partners like Citrix, VMware or Microsoft to provide bleeding-edge managed workspace solutions. Prior to joining IGEL as a software developer in 2007, Haas spent 6 years as a Linux software developer at Linogate, a Linux internet security appliance company. Haas graduated with a degree in Computer Science (Dipl.-Inf. (FH) from the University of Applied Science Augsburg.
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