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IGEL OS Firmware Explained!

IGEL recently released an update to the IGEL OS in version 10.04.100.  This made me think, maybe it is time to share with you a bit about IGEL OS updates, how they are delivered, where you can download them and what it means to you.

IGEL OS updates are available as downloadable firmware available free from the IGEL web site. The IGEL UMS ships with functionality to automate the process of updating IGEL devices. Depending onhow your devices connect to the UMS defineshow they are updated, you have two possible choices.

IGEL OS Firmware Versions Explained 

Currently, IGEL ships different versions of the IGEL OS firmware based on the different types of devices you own. This can be somewhat confusing as to why but it comes down to the device drivers included in each image. Thisallows IGEL to ship the smallest, yet most complete image possible.

Today, there are mainly three types of firmware versions you would be interested in, Windows, LX, and OS. Of course, the Windows version is the Microsoft Windows 10 IoT version whereas the LX and OS version is the IGEL OS Linux operating system. Both the LX and OS firmware contain the same feature sets. The LX 10.03.500 is the same as OS 10.03.500; the onlydifference is the type of device it is deployed on. LX is usedon IGEL hardware-based endpoints, and the OS version is usedon the IGEL UDC and UD Pocket.

You will also noticea referenceto v5 and v10. The v5 version is a legacy version of the IGEL OS, andit reached end-of-life infall2017. IGEL supports all EOL firmware for up to threeyears from the EOL date. The current version of IGEL OS Linux operating system (LX+OS) is v10.

The following table lists the current in-use firmware versions:

Prefix Usage
LX IGEL hardware-based endpoints running the Linux version of the IGEL OS. If you are running an IGEL hardware-based endpoint and it is not running Windows, it is a good bet this is the firmware you use to upgrade your device(s).

Download at

IZ Software license locked down version of the LX operating system. It is the same IGEL OS, running on the same hardware, the feature sets are just locked away. There are three different versions of IZ device, Citrix, Microsoft RDS, and VMware Horizon.

Download at

OS IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) and IGEL UD Pocket.

Download at

W10 IGEL hardware-based endpoints running Windows 10 Enterprise IOT.

Download at

The following table lists the legacy firmware versions:

Prefix Usage
CE Windows CE based version (not supported any longer)

Download at

ES Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (XP)

Download at

LX_Soc Legacy ARM-based IGEL endpoints (not supported any longer)

Download at

W7 IGEL hardware-based endpoints running Windows 7 Embedded Standard.

Download at

W7+ IGEL hardware-based endpoints running Windows 7 Embedded Standard with larger storage adapter than the 4GB in W7. This is the same version of Windows 7 Embedded as in the W7 firmware expect the size of the image is larger to accommodate the larger storage sizes of some devices.

Download at

You might also ask yourself.  What does the 10.x.x mean? That is a great question and one that has been answered already in details so I will refer you to the following IGEL eDocs support article on how “IGEL versioning works and what the identification numbering means” here:

Hope this helps clear up some questions about IGEL OS firmware updates.  For more information on how to deploy such updates,you can download the NEW “IGEL Firmware Update Guide” found here:

Doug Brown

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