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Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Why IGEL users need not fear security gaps or outdated clients.

Imagine, you are the IT pro of your company. It’s a good day:  systems are running fluently, no patching pain, happy users.

But in one moment, everything turns upside down: A security vulnerability has been found. Like recently, when the Polkit Escalation of Privilege exposure came up. Polkit is a toolkit for managing policies related to unprivileged processes communicating with privileged process. The vulnerability allows any unprivileged user on an affected system to easily gain root privileges. This is a prime example of how data protection abuse is almost predestined to happen, and that can become very expensive. For example, a HIPAA violation penalty can cost a hospital system a minimum fine of $50,000!

For the IT pro, a rapid response to threats like Polkit is critical to avoid great potential damage to the enterprise. In this hypothetical case, it is fortunate that our IT pro is working for a company using IGEL! The recent IGEL OS release 11.06.250 has closed this particular security gap as quickly as it was identified. IGEL OS release 11.06.250 provides a fix for the Polkit Escalation of Privilege vulnerability, and also includes  integrations of the latest clients for:

  • Citrix Workspace App 2112
  • Horizon Client 2111
  • Zoom
  • JVDI
  • WebEx VDI
  • WebEx Meeting VDI
  • Grundig Driver Update

With IGEL OS, IT teams can deliver the latest technology advancements from IGEL’s many technology partner companies while sleeping better at night!

Citrix Workspace App 2202 is now available with IGEL OS!

On February 14th, 2022, Citrix announced the very latest version of the Citrix Workspace App – version 2022. Just 10 days later, on February 24th, 2022, IGEL began to offer support of this new Citrix client software to our customers. If you would like to use the Citrix Workspace App 2022 within your VDI environment, simply ask your sales contact for IGEL OS version 11.06.257.

Andriy Pozharuk

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