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IGEL Raises the Security Bar Again with UEFI Secure Boot

IGEL’s customers know we deliver on our ‘simple, smart and secure’ approach to endpoint computing.  Behind this approach is our continual search for ways to bring even greater security to our customers around the globe facing the ever present cyber threats. Our latest achievement is a big one: IGEL is the first endpoint manufacturer to meet the requirements of the UEFI Secure Boot security standard. IGEL received validation from Microsoft for IGEL OS 10.04.100 used in all IGEL UD products, including the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter™(UDC3) and the IGEL UD PocketTM.

So, what does this validation mean for our customers?  Basically, it signifies two important benefits: enhanced simplicity in deployment as youno longer have to de-activate the UEFI Secure Boot feature when leveraging the IGEL UDC3 and IGEL UD Pocket to convert your existing x86 devices into IGEL OS-powered endpoints.  The second benefit is we have increased the robustness of IGEL OS by creating a chain of trust from the UEFI system to the OS.

Around since Windows 8, the UEFI Secure Boot has taken on even more importance due to the escalating number of cyber attacks. The feature helps ensure that only software trusted by an OEM can be used to boot a device.  It prevents threats such as bootkits which can be activated before a real OS starts.

Having a trusted UEFI Secure Boot validation enables IGEL customers to quickly boot up their x86 devices and reap the benefits of IGEL’s already security-tough OS.  We provide two-factor authentication, smart card readers and trusted execution with our OS.

Try It!

IGEL OS 10.04.100 is now available.  Experience Secure Boot for yourself:  download the latest version or request free evaluation hardware.  You’ll see a lock icon on the system’s boot splash.  It indicates your IGEL powered endpoint has been activated with Secure Boot.

Simple, smart and secure. We never stop raising the security bar!

Matthias Haas

As Chief Technology Officer for IGEL Technology, Matthias Haas develops key technology partnerships and is responsible for IGEL’s hardware and software portfolio. With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Haas creates products that are tailored around the needs of IGEL’s customers and meet the evolving requirements of the global market. Haas is dedicated to creating solutions that help IGEL customers run their business endpoint solutions as efficiently as possible. He works together with existing technology partners like Citrix, VMware or Microsoft to provide bleeding-edge managed workspace solutions. Prior to joining IGEL as a software developer in 2007, Haas spent 6 years as a Linux software developer at Linogate, a Linux internet security appliance company. Haas graduated with a degree in Computer Science (Dipl.-Inf. (FH) from the University of Applied Science Augsburg.
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