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IGEL Ships COSMOS – The New End User Computing Platform for Secure, Managed, Future-Proofed Access to Any Cloud Workspace

IGEL Ships COSMOS – The New End User Computing Platform for Secure, Managed, Future-Proofed Access to Any Cloud Workspace

Today, end user computing (EUC) just got more flexible and even more secure. IGEL is now shipping the new COSMOS endpoint platform which enables secure, efficient, managed access to any form of digital workspaces, from any device to any cloud.

Read the announcement press release here.

COSMOS marks a revolution in end user computing. With a new OS, an updated management platform and a number of new cloud services, it gives employees an exceptional workspace experience while empowering EUC administrators with greater security, management, and control.

Built for Hybrid Work

COSMOS uniquely supports today’s Hybrid worlds. It offers the hybrid worker access to their hybrid workspace, delivered from hybrid cloud and an increasingly growing set of hybrid applications. It also offers unmatched speed and flexibility for employees and administrators alike as they adopt any type of workspace experience – from VDI and DaaS to SaaS – all from a single highly secure and manageable endpoint OS.

Modular for both Flexibility and Control

COSMOS features a distinctly new OS architecture for more agility and customization in the hybrid world. For the first time, the new IGEL OS architecture completely separates the base OS from its full suite of validated and integrated applications – which are now available through the IGEL App Portal (just one of the new cloud services available with COSMOS). A new version of the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) included with COSMOS provides support for both IGEL OS 11 and the new IGEL OS 12. This provides ultimate flexibility and lends itself to helping IGEL’s existing customers easily migrate their current endpoint estate.

This modularity delivers the flexibility organizations need to evolve and adopt new EUC technologies at their own pace while still empowering users with the productive and secure computing experience they demand in today’s hybrid work world.

Secure Endpoint Computing

IGEL OS 12 takes the proven security of IGEL to new levels. By separating the IGEL OS endpoint from local and cloud-delivered apps and services, IGEL OS not only updates faster but has an even smaller footprint, for a reduced attack surface. Adding to its security features are new secure unified communication protocols between the UMS and IGEL OS-powered endpoints, which couple with the security of the Linux-based read-only operating system IGEL is already known for. Together, there isn’t a safer way to empower remote work productivity.

Faster Onboarding and Faster Updates

Thanks to the IGEL Onboarding Service, new with COSMOS, employees can self-enroll new devices in under five minutes, allowing faster deployment of workspaces to remote workers, and removing the burden on IT. And with more devices from Lenovo, HP and LG Business solutions now shipping with IGEL OS as standard, thin clients, laptops and desktop machines can be shipped direct to employees from the factory, enabling almost instant, secure access to their data and applications – straight out of the shipping carton!

In addition to the new Onboarding Service, IGEL OS, the new management architecture and the introduction of the IGEL App Portal “store” also means that updates post-deployment are now significantly faster and easier than ever before. New updates from IGEL Ready vendors, such as Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and ControlUp are available and can be automatically imported into the COSMOS platform from the IGEL App Portal. These updates, in turn, can be rapidly deployed thanks to the new OS architecture and independently updated without the need to update the underlying OS. For our customers, it means IT teams and employees alike get the latest features and innovations from IGEL and our technology partners faster than ever!

Support for What’s Next

IGEL COSMOS is designed for today’s and tomorrow’s digital workspaces. Supporting modern end user computing, where digital workspaces may be delivered from any on-prem or cloud-based source, COSMOS is the future-proofed solution delivering workspaces and apps no matter how they evolve over time. It streamlines the workload for IT endpoint administrators while providing a secure, modern, and productive desktop for end users.

Even more, it puts frustrating, tedious disruptions such as onboarding, updates, patches, and endpoint troubleshooting in the past, making life much easier for IT and end-users with the time-to-productivity faster than ever.

Simply put, COSMOS is end-user computing evolved. Its modular architecture, granular endpoint control, and secure, managed access to any cloud-delivered digital workspace powers great user experiences for today’s hybrid work.

Learn more about COSMOS here, then register here to access the COSMOS demo from DISRUPT23. Then take COSMOS for a test drive to learn more about how it can enhance your users’ computing experiences while securely simplifying endpoint management, taking your EUC environment to the cloud and beyond.

Dan O'Farrell

Dan O'Farrell is the VP of Product Marketing at IGEL
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