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IGEL Wins the Healthcare Endpoint Bake Off! UNC Chooses IGEL for Citrix VDI Deployment

IGEL Wins the Healthcare Endpoint Bake Off! UNC Chooses IGEL for Citrix VDI Deployment

It’s always nice to beat the competition but it’s especially satisfying when your solution is clearly the best for an organization ready to take the next step towards a complete virtualized infrastructure.  That’s why it’s doubly pleasing that the University of North Carolina’s healthcare system chose IGEL’s UD3 endpoint and endpoint security and optimization software to integrate with its Citrix VDI rollout.

Since UNC Healthcare already had some endpoints in place, the IT team decided the best course of action was to hold a bake off before choosing a vendor.  IGEL won hands down

for the exceptional performance of its Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) software, which showed consistent, superior performance and reliability over the competition.

As part of the “bake-off,” UNC Health Care also evaluated IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS), a software solution that enables organizations to efficiently manage their workspace environments while reducing the cost, time and effort associated with remote endpoint security and optimization.

Efficient and secure endpoint security and optimization was another key consideration since UNC Health Care’s Citrix VDI roll-out, when completed, will total 15,000 VDI desktops across a sweeping network of UNC hospitals, its provider network, UNC School of Medicine clinical programs, and nine affiliate hospitals and hospital systems.

Another major consideration was being able to provide a consistent end-user experience that would serve the staff and physicians who need to access the Epic Systems’ Electronic Medical Records (EMR) while roaming between workstations during the workday.  IGEL delivers this consistency so that health care professionals, working in more than one location a day, or even remotely in another site, will have the information and applications they need, regardless of which device they are using.

IGEL is winning customers in the healthcare industry because it is literally a ‘pain-free’ solution to helping these complex organizations, with so much critical data in use, and many locations, convert to a more virtualized environment that works well for the end user.

A few of the main reasons are:

Cost efficiency:  IGEL’s UDC technology converts existing endpoints, desktops and endpoints into an IGEL OS-powered endpoint, saving organizations capital expenditures by enabling them to preserve the use of some legacy equipment.

Simplicity: IGEL’s advanced conversion software reduces IT time. Instead of taking, for example, 30 minutes, to create a virtual image on each system, IGEL cuts that time by two-thirds.  Additionally, IGEL provides simplicity by enabling IT to manage an entire fleet of endpoints from a single console.

Security:  IGEL alleviates privacy compliance pressures such as HIPAA by providing endpoint security controls that fight ransomware and protect sensitive patient data, at the same time, giving the user a reliable consistent desktop.  Additionally, to support mobile workers, IGEL offers its UD Pocket, an IGEL OS-based micro endpoint which limits access to executables, preventing malware entrants coming in via unauthorized applications.

IGEL, and our partners like Citrix, are helping healthcare organizations become more virtualized and the results benefit all:  IT, physicians, patients and staff.  We will be winning more bake-offs in the future and delivering a consistent user experience to these highly dedicated professionals.

See our demo at Click here to view the UNC Health case study.

Simon Clephan

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