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IT’s Getting Busy in 2019 – IGEL Delivers the Savings to Support Transformation

IT’s Getting Busy in 2019 – IGEL Delivers the Savings to Support Transformation

We know that a lot is being asked of IT these days. The balance between keeping the wheels on and driving new digital innovation has never been more of a challenge.

Even so, senior business managers aren’t seeing the payoff for all of IT’s hard work. Consider the findings in Enterprise Strategy Group’s (ESG’s) annual technology spending intentions research. It found that only 6% of senior business managers see IT as a competitive differentiator. View the infographic. What are their top issues? They report that …

  • There are overly complex processes to select, deploy and/or provision IT resources
  • IT organization’s processes to deploy IT services takes too long
  • They are concerned about IT organization’s ability to provide adequate security and compliance controls.

Source: 2019 Technology Trends to Watch, Enterprise Strategy Group’s Annual Technology Spending Intentions Research

Interesting. IGEL addresses all these issues for end user computing – right out of the gate. We don’t say we’re simple, smart and secure only because it sounds good. It’s really the core of our value proposition. Endpoints that have been enabled by IGEL are easy to administer and manage, deliver truly amazing capital savings and investment protection and offer near-bulletproof enhanced security and endpoint protection.

Uncover Hidden Savings at the Endpoint

Simply put, IGEL is ideal for the enterprise that wants to uncover savings in their end user computing budget so they can invest in other strategic priorities. The ESG report found that a vast majority (58%) expect their IT spending to increase in 2019 compared to 2018. What’s leading this spending increase? Public cloud infrastructure services (64%), artificial intelligence/machined learning (59%), cybersecurity (58%) and public cloud applications (58%).

So where is this increased investment in IT going to come from? IGEL suggests taking a hard look at your endpoint device estate to see how you can reappropriate the investment you’ve set aside for end user computing by adopting IGEL technology. What you save could better enable your new strategic investments and projects. Consider these budget benefits:

  • With IGEL, you can convert any compatible x86 device into an IGEL-managed endpoint which can run the IGEL OS for secure, easy to manage end user computing. This means you can repurpose older devices without paying a fortune to perform a desktop refresh.
  • IGEL offers easy endpoint customization and zero-touch automation. Functionality and granular control are easily applied to end user devices, while profile updates and policy configuration can be performed with simple click & drag operations. This means you can manage thousands of devices easily from a single console and without taxing your IT staff.
  • IGEL OS licenses can be moved between any x86 device giving organizations the flexibility to reassign software licenses to any compatible 64-bit device. This means you will only pay for active devices assuring true hardware investment protection.

IT can transform into a competitive differentiator – especially when adopting new technologies that can change senior business managers’ perception about the complexity, responsiveness and security of the solutions IT delivers. A great first step is to adopt IGEL at the endpoint. It will free up your budget and your staff resources to deliver the other strategic projects that will move the needle for your business.

Read more about how IGEL has revolutionized the software-defined endpoint here.

Simon Clephan

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