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Overcoming the Global Chip Shortage is Easy

Overcoming the Global Chip Shortage is Easy

If you tried to acquire new corporate laptops recently or even looked at buying a new car, you’ve likely experienced the effect of the global chip shortage. With most experts including Intel anticipating chip shortages to continue through 2023, it may be time to consider new options to power your end-user computing needs.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far! In fact, you likely already have what you need to deliver a high-performance, productive experience for your employees. Just add IGEL.

With IGEL, you can take any x86-64 device (including older devices running Windows 7) and turn them into secure, easy-to-manage endpoints.  IGEL OS allows employees to connect to Office 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Citrix, VMware, Amazon workspaces, and a host of digital workspaces including Unified communication platforms like MS Teams and Zoom – all without limitations – or waiting for the chip shortage to subside to get your new laptop.

Now full estates of existing devices that were once thought to be aging or obsolete can be brought to life once again, without the time and frustration of a full procurement and forklift upgrade.

In fact, in a recent study by RawWorks, IGEL OS outperformed Windows on a number of new and old HP, Lenovo, and Dell devices, demonstrating lower usage of CPU, RAM, lower round trip times, and improved FPS.

Learn more about the global chip shortage in my recent interview with VMblog:

Then discover how IGEL is coming to the chip shortage rescue in this video.

The global chip shortage has been an IT wake-up call. There are more strategic ways to deliver the best end-user computing experience, without the wait.

Try IGEL for free today to discover what it can do for you.

Simon Townsend

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