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What Makes a Endpoint Enterprise Grade? Part 1: Management

At IGEL we talk a lot about our endpoint software and how it is solving the needs of our mobile workers by delivering a secure, consistent desktop. We also talk about organizations wanting to control costs by converting legacy equipment into endpoints.

In the marketplace now, there are technologies, Raspberry Pi included, that were designed with limited capability but that are now hovering around the endpoint space, wanting to be an enterprise solution when they grow up.  Like all solutions with inherent limitations, it’s a long road to get from a simplistic version of a single board computer to a fully developed enterprise-class solution that delivers the secure user endpoint experience organizations must have.

What makes a true enterprise grade endpoint?  An essential element is integrated management that is enterprise scale (not to mention support for accessories and peripherals, which is often the killer blow for many endpoint wannabes!).  IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) is purpose-built to simplify complex enterprise environments. UMS supports diverse operating systems, databases and directories.  A few specifics:

  • UMS supports IGEL OS or Windows (WES7, W7, W10 IoT, or W10) with an IGEL Universal Management Agent.
  • UMS is hardware-agnostic. It manages any converted x86 device, regardless of manufacturer.
  • UMS is automated. You can instantly enroll, index and manage all endpoints from one intuitive console. No scripting necessary.

If you’re looking at solutions without advanced enterprise-scale management, you’re headed for an expensive, mish-mash of complexity, costing IT time and preventing you from secure management across all endpoint devices. 

IGEL UMS provides a single integrated, low touch system that manages all endpoints, regardless of scale or diversity.  That’s what a true endpoint needs!

Secure Management

Effective endpoint security and optimization also must contain security features that address today’s cyber threats, and the specific needs of industries with compliance and regulatory issues.  That is why IGEL partners with leading authentication and security vendors, such as Imprivata, Caradigm and SecMaker, to ensure that enterprises in various industry sectors have a secure endpoint user experience, regardless of location or device.  Imprivata is a recognized leader in healthcare IT security, delivering two-factor authentication management and Single SignOn (SSO) capability for providers and positive patient identification. By supporting Imprivata we help ensure that healthcare organizations have fast, secure access to patient health information so improving the patient experience.

We are also excited to announce Imprivata and IGEL are teaming up to deliver IGEL OS support for any 64-bit x86 computing device, regardless of manufacturer.

If youre looking at solutions without a fully developed set of security features, you’re putting your enterprise at risk.

Purpose Built for the Enterprise

From the beginning IGEL has been focused on developing endpoint solutions that precisely match enterprises’ needs for a secure, consistent desktop experience for the end user.  We’ll be exploring other aspects of what makes a true enterprise grade endpoint.  Stay tuned, and meanwhile, check out our new website and explore the many ways in which IGEL delivers true enterprise-grade solutions for the endpoint.

Simon Clephan

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