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Making Home Workspaces Cool, and Productive, Places

Making Home Workspaces Cool, and Productive, Places

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We’ve been on a mission this year to evangelize how IGEL is making the home workspace both a cool place to work as well as a productive one.

To spread the word, we’ve given away bundles of cool home workspace technology from some of the world’s hottest brands – worth $5,000 each. We’ve also presented the winner of our customer testimonial contest with a complete home workspace makeover, worth $20,000. But don’t worry, you still have more chances to win. See the details here.

For those of you that may have missed watching the customer testimonial contest webinar, where we showcased three finalists, how their company uses IGEL and why their home office needs a makeover, you can view that here.

In summary, here are some of the great ways these finalists are using IGEL to help overcome the massive work from home migration in their company due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Jaimie Bean, VP, IT Applications & EAS at Continuum shared how IGEL helped them resolve the security issues of their existing VPN solution. Continuum is a business process outsourcer with expertise in managing call centers and has 15,000 employees around the world. Having recently been spun off from a larger organization, Continuum had to stand up its entire IT infrastructure in just 18 months. Then the pandemic hit. As a result, Continuum had to send 9,000 employees to work from home in the span of just two weeks in March. Having been on a VPN solution at the time the company realized it wasn’t as secure as was needed. They quickly began deploying IGEL OS on home-based systems in the U.S. to improve security and manageability. Now with 3,000 users already implemented on IGEL OS the company has been able avoid overburdening its VPN while giving users the high-performance access they need from home.

Jeffrey de Krou, Systems Engineer, Cloud Specialist at Detailresult Groep provided details on how IGEL OS systems could be rapidly deployed. For the grocery holding company with over 250 supermarkets in the Netherlands, this was a lifesaver during the Coronavirus pandemic. With around 20,000 employees, the company already had 1,500 IGEL thin clients before COVID-19 hit. But the pandemic caused a new urgent need to support home workers. Within two weeks the company deployed another 1,500 laptops with IGEL OS running through the IGEL Cloud Gateway. The quick turnaround took just one hour. Using the IGEL OS creator, they were able to have the laptops running in just three minutes, compared to as much as an hour for Windows laptops using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit which also required manual configurations. Now Detailresult Groep has 80-90% of their home-working employee fleet using IGEL. The result has been significant time and cost savings!

Bill Jenkins, MTS1 Systems Engineer at eBay detailed how IGEL improved security and manageability for eBay’s call center and corporate workers as they moved to a work-from-home model. With 10,000 call center agents that “follow the sun” to provide support for eBay customers, the company has long been using Citrix. Recently they switched to IGEL-based systems from their Dell Wyse Windows-based thin clients to improve security and manageability. But when the Coronavirus hit their success with IGEL delivered a new benefit. Thousands of corporate eBay workers needed to move to a work-from-home model quickly to begin accessing Citrix workspaces for the first time. They were able to spin up 4,000 corporate employees using Citrix and the IGEL OS, using IGEL UD Pockets in no time. This relieved their VPN which was beginning to crumble under pressure. Instead, IGEL rescued these users by enabling secure and productive access to Citrix workspaces on any device their users had on hand.

Each of these customer testimonials, and their workspaces, were part of our community vote. And the winner was Bill Jenkins from eBay – congratulations Bill! Stay tuned for more on his office makeover provided by home makeover expert Vicki Norris.

Ready for your office makeover? Don’t worry, the chance to win – whether you are an IGEL customer or prospect – isn’t over yet! Enter today for our final $5,000 home workspace technology bundle and the final sweepstakes drawing for your home office makeover worth $20,000. The drawing will be held December 10, so don’t delay (winners do not need to be present to win).

It may just be the holiday surprise you’ve been waiting for this year! Good luck!

Carl Gersh

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