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“The Attic” Video Podcast Episode 5: Getting Strategic Alliances Back on Track from Nabeel Youakim, Chief Development Officer, Tehama

“The Attic” Video Podcast Episode 5: Getting Strategic Alliances Back on Track from Nabeel Youakim, Chief Development Officer, Tehama

Be sure to check out the latest Attic one-to-one chat with Nabeel Youakim, whose career spans tech history milestones in end user computing and cloud migration. Nabeel shares a key factor any successful partnership must have and his insights into turning around problem relationships.

IGEL continues its exploration and celebration of origin stories in Episode 5 of “The Attic” video podcast featuring a conversation with sales and business development wizard Nabeel Youakim. Nabeel led Microsoft’s early expansion into Asia-Pac, then went on to become Citrix’s employee #350. Over 22 years at Citrix he was a major force in building alliances with Microsoft and the partner ecosystem and launching Citrix’s cloud platform. Tune in and hear Nabeel recount a time when it wasn’t clear if Microsoft was going to squash Citrix, a time when Citrix almost went under.

Now, some 18 years later, Nabeel is ahead of the curve again, as Chief Development Officer at Tehama, where he is leading the next level of VDI in ‘virtual rooms.’ In fact, it was at an IGEL virtual event that he met Tehama executives! Now, Nabeel does it all: business development, building the partner ecosystem and the IGEL Ready partner alliance.

On Building Alliances. “To work with a much bigger partner like Microsoft you have to be patient and understand there are many components…It’s not just the engineering team. There’s a corporate team, a field team. You need to engage with each team to make sure your message is understood [and relates] to their objectives.”

On Reseller Importance: “Mark Templeton at Citrix set up the culture that no one company could sell all the components. You really needed a reseller to put them all together and sell them as a solution…Mark came from the partner side and understood that very well.”

On the logic of EUC: “For years our community has worked to build the whole VDI and DaaS environment. For a long time we used the MAPS acronym:  management, access, performance and security. The end user computing paradigm solves all these very well.”

Nabeel Youakim

Listen in and find out what rough-and-ready sport Nabeel excelled at. It’s a good foundation for surviving the tech industry!
Watch the Attic: Episode 5 – Nabeel Youakim


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