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Transforming the Learning Environment for Student Success with Citrix and IGEL

Transforming the Learning Environment for Student Success with Citrix and IGEL

Shift from survive to thrive with an on-campus and remote learning environment that’s consistent, flexible, and secure

While there is much discussion about the future of remote work in recent times, less focus has been placed on the future of higher education remote learning environments. While most universities offer international programs facilitated by blended learning models, this was on a much smaller scale for a limited number of students according to IT capacity and resources. Then everything changed in early 2020.

The pandemic shone a spotlight on the importance for universities and colleges to have an education continuity plan in place. Establishing a consistent hybrid learning space as the norm rather than the exception to enable students to securely access applications and resources whether on-campus, at their home, or in their dorm room. Equipping faculty and staff with reliable lecturing, tutorial, and administrative capabilities from a remote location play a crucial part in this space.

Empower faculty and students with a collaborative and secure learning space on any device in a hybrid university campus.

Greater choice enhances user experience

With IGEL OS on their endpoint device of choice students, faculty and staff can easily and quickly log into their university’s Citrix Workspace. Even in areas of variable network bandwidth, or a change of location while working on a task, the user can reconnect to a familiar graphical user interface and pick up on the last point in their session on another device.

Optimize IT Resources and Save

Citrix and IGEL enable university IT teams to leverage their existing resources and technology investments. Repurposing existing hardware with IGEL OS saves IT budget while supporting green IT to exceed sustainability goals. Shifting to a remote learning environment can be a practical change.

Secure BYOD

IGEL OS runs on any compatible x86-64 device–PCs, laptops, all-in-one devices, and thin clients. This enables IT to use existing hardware or provide a secure BYOD strategy for distributed professors, trainers, and students. IGEL OS can be temporarily installed on a PC or laptop by inserting the IGEL UD Pocket, a USB device to boot from IGEL OS and access Citrix Workspace directly.

Inherent and advanced security features in IGEL OS and the Citrix Zero Trust approach protect system integrity from the user device to the Citrix learning workspace.

Together Citrix and IGEL offer a streamlined solution for the university of the future enabling virtual computer labs, secure computer-based exam environments while optimizing IT resources and campus facilities.

Learn more about how Citrix and IGEL are shaping the higher education space of tomorrow on the Higher Education whitepaper

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Catherine Gallagher

Senior Product Marketing Manager at IGEL
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