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Euro Analyst Firm Names IGEL to Top Digital Workspace Software Vendors List

Euro Analyst Firm Names IGEL to Top Digital Workspace Software Vendors List

rising-star-300x146IGEL’s powerful workspace management software is making legacy software vendors nervous these days, and for good reason. We are now appearing on industry influencer lists of the top software vendors in the digital workspace, as the market sees our Universal Management Suite (UMS), proprietary Linux OS, and innovative product roadmap as delivering what customers want in a highly flexible, multi-protocol, endpoint solution.

The leading European research firm, Experton Group, just named IGEL a ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Product Challenger’ in its Digital Workspace Vendor Benchmark 2017 report. This is a special victory for us as Experton places us on the quadrant right next to leaders like IBM, LANDESK, Microsoft, Symantec and VMware. We are on the march to move from challenger to the leaders’ quadrant as our powerful UMS continues to make it clear we are the best, secure software, thin or zero client solution for the endpoint.

Historically, IGEL has had an image as a hardware vendor so we are especially pleased the industry is now seeing that our digital workspace software solution deserves its own spotlight. We’re solidifying our position as a software vendor while HP and Dell, for example, are left out of this report on leading providers.

IGEL gets the only Rising Star designation in this highly competitive category and the bar is set quite high! A company getting the Rising Star designation has these attributes:

  • A promising portfolio
  • An adequate focus on key market trends and customer requirements
  • Excellent management
  • Understanding of the local market
  • Extreme progress toward their goals within the last year
  • Above-average impact and innovative strength
  • On the way to reaching the leader quadrant within the next 1-2 years

Experton said “The digital workspace is among IGEL’s top-line topics; we expect further above-average developments. They also noted IGEL has “an agile endpoint solution for digital workspace management that has already become well established.” In the category of strategic partnerships, IGEL was a notable star. Experton Group emphasized the fact that IGEL can leverage partnerships with IT service providers, most of them very active in the upper medium-sized sector, in marketing its solution.

Here’s a few of the reasons we’re getting a place on influential software vendor lists:

Universal Management Suite (UMS). Customers can manage all IGEL zero clients, Universal Desktops and any PCs converted using IGEL’s Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) software. A powerful-do it all-management platform, contained in a single pain of glass!

Proprietary Linux OS. IGEL’s Linux endpoint operating system, based on the open-source Ubuntu LTS distribution, offers sector-leading connectivity. IGEL Linux endpoints support server-based computing and cloud projects with solutions from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. Users also value IGEL Linux as a robust and stable endpoint OS for which there is virtually no malware – unlike with Windows environments.

Extensive Partner Ecosystem. IGEL has strong strategic partnerships with the top solution providers like Citrix, VMware and Samsung. IGEL delivers the best endpoint solutions by collaborating with carefully selected hardware and software technology leaders in their field.

We’re making legacy software vendors nervous, for good reason. We have the most innovative solution for the digital workspace, the best technical team and a global network of top notch technology partners.

Interested in viewing the Experton report? You can download it here.

We will gain further dominance in the digital workspace software market segment as our innovative endpoint solution moves ahead of less agile competitors. Join us on the move!

Jed Ayres

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