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Free Spirited Mobile Workers: IGEL Now Has You In Its Security Net!

Free Spirited Mobile Workers: IGEL Now Has You In Its Security Net!

Yep. We know. It’s been great fun to jump off the corporate network, open apps on your phone or tablet and get stuff done. At home. At halftime. Fast. That unfortunately creates a nasty security risk, leaving unprotected data open to cyberattacks and giving cybercriminals a freeway on ramp to the network.

IGEL, whose mission is to give workers the productive user experience they need, and enterprises the security they must have, wants workers to be able to use IGEL OS-powered endpoint devices anywhere, with security intact. We are solving the problem of extending security to the mobile universe and launching the IGEL Cloud Gateway, harnessing the power of the IGEL Universal Management Suite and IGEL OS to close security gaps created by Internet-based communications taking place beyond the perimeter of the corporate network.

Our mobile workers find connecting to the corporate network can be a big hassle sometimes, motivating them to use risk-prone devices. With IGEL Cloud Gateway, we take away this objection by extending endpoint security and optimization beyond the corporate network. Now, workers can power up an IGEL OS endpoint device using a standard Internet connection. It gives workers the ease of use they want, and eliminates the need for an expensive VPN or leased-line solution. It also avoids the limitations of Network Address Translation (NAT) technology, including security, scalability and quality of service.

So how does it work? The IGEL Cloud Gateway acts as a virtual tunnel to support secure and encrypted two-way communications that is based on open communications standards, including TSL/SSL encryption and WebSocket protocol. The IGEL Cloud Gateway seamlessly authenticates the connection and securely transfers data between the IGEL Universal Management Suite and any x86-based device converted into an IGEL-powered endpoint with the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC). It also supports our recently introduced IGEL UD Pocket.

Channel Alert!

Our partners, VARs, MSPs and solution providers can add the IGEL Cloud Gateway to their portfolio with the assurance that it seamlessly integrates within the IGEL solution environment. With the Gateway our channel partners can offer a holistic endpoint security and optimization solution that encompasses the software, services and hardware residing both inside and outside of the customers’ corporate networks. Customers will appreciate the quick and easy setup process that requires no pre-configuration or on premise installation by the IT administrator.

Available Now!

The IGEL Cloud Gateway, currently supporting IGEL OS version Linux 10.01.310 and later releases, is available now, and can be purchased for either a 1-year or 3-year renewable license.

We love our free spirited mobile workers who want to work where they want, on what they want, and when they want! Let’s celebrate their enthusiasm by giving them a secure endpoint security and optimization solution that gives them freedom, and enterprises a secure environment! Check out the IGEL Cloud Gateway

Doug Brown joined IGEL in January as Global Technology Evangelist. Doug, a well-known thought leader in virtualization and cloud technologies and CTO, President and Founder of DABCC, is actively working to elevate awareness for the IGEL brand with key influencers and within the global end-user computing community.

Doug Brown

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