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Migrate Your Endpoints to Reduce Windows Costs

Migrate Your Endpoints to Reduce Windows Costs

Lower CapEx and OpEx: Move Windows Where it Belongs – to the Data Center or Cloud

IT budgets are feeling the COVID-19 pressure. Couple this with the wave of people now working remotely, and IT is facing a whole new set of challenges. Securing Windows and maintaining patches and updates on a vast number of widely distributed, remote PCs presents a ripe opportunity for data risk and delayed patching, not to mention possible downtime as things go wrong.  And at some point, they always do.

The biggest culprit here is indeed Windows. The total cost of ownership (TCO) deploying and managing Windows endpoints at scale detracts from ROI in an already budget-conscious environment. Given the shift to remote working it is also a budget-waster to try and manage and update Windows 10 at potentially hundreds, or even many thousands of desktops. Add to this dilemma the fact that 28% of businesses are still running Windows 7 and eventually will have to migrate to Windows 10.

Moving Windows to the data center or cloud and replacing it with IGEL OS on endpoint devices is the truly sane answer: centralized, vastly simpler management and control of a varied (PCs, laptops, tablets from different device vendors) endpoint landscape. Also enabling this migration are stellar cloud-based services like Windows Virtual Desktop and Amazon WorkSpaces. These Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offerings make it possible to migrate with minimal up-front costs. Combining IGEL OS endpoints, Windows in the cloud and DaaS-powered workspaces is a simple, pragmatic path to powerful and highly efficient resource management, and higher ROI.

Moving to an IGEL OS-powered endpoint can save up to 75% in deployment costs. Since IGEL OS is platform-independent and can run on any compatible x86-64 device, IT can also save dollars by no longer having to budget for costly hardware updates with existing PCs. Hardware refresh deferment or avoidance, combined with significantly lower deployment and ongoing management costs, can reduce overall endpoint TCO by 66 percent.

Save IT time and add ROI by moving Windows to the cloud. View this Infographic: Deploy and Manage Endpoints for a Third of the Cost with IGEL

Explore how moving Windows off your endpoints and replacing it with IGEL OS and cloud workspaces saves on current and future hardware costs, sharply reduces operational expenses, and future-proofs new PC deployments.

  • Extend your budget by moving Windows to the data center or cloud
  • Centrally control Windows – in the data center or cloud – and ease management and control of user devices with a standard endpoint OS
  • Quickly add new user devices with ease from a single console via zero-touch endpoint deployment
  • Reduce security risk with a Linux-based, lightweight, modular, read-only endpoint OS, and uniform patching and updates via the cloud
  • Promote remote user productivity by ensuring timely, non-disruptive updates

It’s time to take Windows off your endpoints and place it where it belongs – in the data center or cloud – and enable IT to focus more on achieving desired business outcomes and less on the constant tedium of troubleshooting, patches, and updates!

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Dan O'Farrell

Dan O'Farrell is the VP of Product Marketing at IGEL
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