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IGEL Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation… and We’re Just Getting Started

IGEL Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation… and We’re Just Getting Started

In an industry where the typical tech company only survives five years, IGEL is a remarkable exception. That’s because IGEL is no typical tech company.

What started as a little tech startup in Germany 20 years ago – when only 7% of the internet users worldwide had broadband – is now a revolutionary innovator driving the new “work from anywhere” era.

But the evolution of IGEL didn’t simply “happen.” It was strategically built with a laser focus on execution and a unwavering belief in a vision for a more secure, easier to manage and lower cost endpoint. A vision that continues to this day.

IGEL’s vision to make a secure and more manageable Linux OS available on nearly any PC or device has become a game changer. It has paved the way for an entirely new category of edge operating systems. And now, by partnering with major device manufacturers like HP, LG and Lenovo, IGEL has become the leading enterprise alternative OS to Windows.

IGEL has met the moment. In a time where work from anywhere is required and remote work the norm, IGEL is delivering the solution the world’s digital workforce needs – right when it needs it.

No, IGEL is not a typical tech company. We’re a team of believers with a culture of dreaming big… and making the impossible possible. That’s how we’ve evolved from a tiny rooftop attic 20 years ago to a disruptive dynamo in the technology landscape for today’s digital worker.

Now, as we rest up for the next 20-year run, we’ll be taking Friday, December 10 off to celebrate. But trust me when I say, we’re only just getting started. Come believe with us as we help drive the future of edge computing. Happy Birthday IGEL!

Jed Ayres

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