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IGEL DISRUPT 24 Sponsor Q&A Interview: Tricerat

IGEL DISRUPT 24 Sponsor Q&A Interview: Tricerat

It is only a few short weeks until IGEL DISRUPT 24! Taking place in Miami, Fla., from April 29 through May 1, the event will feature an action-packed agenda designed to immerse attendees in thought leadership content, technical bootcamps, and customer discussions on endpoint cybersecurity, the futureproofing of digital workspaces and how to drive innovation in the new hybrid working world.

We are continuing the IGEL DISRUPT 24 sponsor interview series with Andrew Parlette, CTO for Tricerat who was interviewed by Tricerat’s Head of Content, Liza Gacutan. Read on for insights on Tricerat’s partnership with IGEL, and what excites them most about IGEL DISRUPT.

Tell us about your company and how you partner/go to market with IGEL. How long have you been an IGEL partner?

Andrew Parlette: Tricerat specializes in simplifying print and scan management across complex IT environments. As one of the first IGEL Ready members in 2020, Tricerat’s partnership with IGEL is built on a mutual commitment to improving end user and IT admin experiences alike.

Our partnership combines the strengths of Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers technology with IGEL’s advanced endpoint OS, tailored to address complex IT infrastructure challenges. Our collaboration is rooted in a shared commitment to innovation, focusing on interoperability and the continuous evolution of our solutions. Together, we deliver unmatched efficiency and security, setting new standards for operational excellence in IT management.

Do you have any examples of customers who have benefited from using your solution with IGEL?

Andrew Parlette: By integrating Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers technology with IGEL OS, a healthcare organization streamlined its print management within a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment. This integrated solution enabled healthcare professionals to reliably access and manage critical printing capabilities for patient documentation and care protocols.

Solution Overview:

  • Dynamic Printer Mapping: ScrewDrivers’ dynamic printer mapping feature ensures healthcare staff can access and manage printing tasks from any endpoint, which is crucial for maintaining efficient workflows and patient care.
  • Serverless Printing: The solution allowed for serverless printing directly from VDI sessions, reducing the complexity and time associated with managing print jobs.
  • Security and Compliance: IGEL’s endpoint management system created a secure, scalable foundation, enhancing data protection and ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations, including HIPAA.

This strategic integration provides a stable and efficient IT framework, simplifying complexities and minimizing disruptions, enabling healthcare professionals to prioritize patient care over IT concerns. Our collaboration with key partners like IGEL demonstrates our commitment to developing advanced EUC technologies and services to support critical services, leading to improvements in operational efficiency, data security, and patient care quality.

Why did Tricerat sponsor IGEL DISRUPT 24, and what are you most fired up about the event?

Andrew Parlette: Tricerat’s sponsorship of the DISRUPT event underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the EUC space. DISRUPT is an essential platform for EUC professionals to share insights, explore new technologies, and discuss future trends.

Our involvement from the event’s early days to its rise as a premier industry forum reflects our belief in the power of community-driven innovation. We are excited to connect with the IGEL community and other industry leaders at DISRUPT, demonstrating our solutions and engaging in conversations about overcoming today’s EUC challenges.

The event is a unique opportunity for Tricerat to share its journey, insights, and vision for the future, reinforcing our mission to make IT environments more intuitive, secure, and efficient.

What is your definition of a dream vacation, and why?

Andrew Parlette: My ideal vacation includes exploring the Southwestern US deserts like the Mojave and traveling through the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park. These destinations offer unforgettable adventures with my family in our RV, immersing us in unique nature and deepening our connections with each other and the world around us.

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Divya Saggar

Director of IGEL Ready, IGEL
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