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It’s Never Been Easier to Switch to IGEL

It’s Never Been Easier to Switch to IGEL

The days of tirelessly working to update a mishmash of devices running Windows are gone! With the new release of the IGEL OS Converter (OSC) for Windows you can install IGEL OS onto your existing Windows devices to enable a simple, smart, and secure OS automatically and with zero touch. This enhancement makes it easier than ever to switch to IGEL!

Installing IGEL onto an existing Windows device has never been overly challenging using the USB conversion tool. The new OSC for Windows improves the onboarding process to help organizations enable IGEL OS on endpoints which are now remote.  It can be deployed centrally and at any given time it can install IGEL OS automatically on up to thousands of Windows devices, without manual or IT intervention.

The OSC for Windows can be deployed in a host of different ways, including via existing endpoint management tools like Microsoft SCCM, Intune (MEM) or VMware Workspace One. Once installed, the IGEL OSC for Windows is installed on the existing Windows endpoint, it communicates back to the IGEL management platform and allows IT to decide when the migration to IGEL OS should take place. Available with every copy of IGEL Workspace Edition software, it requires just a few clicks and your Windows devices are seamlessly converted to IGEL OS 11 – where they can be managed with ease while delivering more security and a great user experience throughout your environment.

This is the ideal solution for organizations that haven’t yet migrated their Windows 7 devices to Windows 10. Now, those Windows 7 endpoints can be automatically migrated to IGEL OS-powered devices ready to connect into a Windows 10 virtualized desktop.

Give all your Windows devices a new lease on life with the secure management and control of IGEL OS and IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) software. The time-tested IGEL OS with UMS standardizes endpoints onto a single platform and provides adaptive configuration and granular control, while giving users a familiar, trouble-free, and secure workspace.

The OSC for Windows migrates devices running Windows to IGEL OS 11. It requires OSC for Windows 1.01.100, licenses for IGEL OS 11.03.541 or higher, and UMS 6.04.120 or higher. It is also now possible to migrate IGEL-branded devices running Windows Embedded Standard 7 (W7 & W7+) and Windows 10 IoT. Please find all information at

With IGEL, your endpoints — whether in the tens, hundreds, or many thousands — just got a whole lot easier to configure, manage, and control. And your users will be as happy as ever. Plus, you’ll now inject new life into your aging Windows devices, your endpoint related trouble-tickets will dwindle to near zero, and you’ll gain hours of time back in your week.

Learn more about this remarkable new tool here, and kick back with a fresh cup of coffee. Or any other beverage of choice. You deserve it!

Dan O'Farrell

Dan O'Farrell is the VP of Product Marketing at IGEL
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