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Why 2021 is the Year to Get IGEL Ready!

Why 2021 is the Year to Get IGEL Ready!

With more than 100 partners and various solutions since our launch in July 2020, the IGEL Ready ecosystem is booming. And it keeps getting better, with a range of new features on the horizon. Discover why IGEL Ready has been widely accepted in the EUC industry and see what’s in store for you in the new year.

IGEL Ready has been able to establish many benchmarks in the first few quarters since launch, but here are our top three:

  1. IGEL Ready Showcase: the Coming Together of Best-in-Class Technologies

IGEL Ready Showcase is a one-stop shop for all ecosystem solutions from IGEL’s technology partners. The website is an online portfolio featuring valuable solutions in the end-user computing industry powered by IGEL OS, with the combined catalog including solutions across all technologies and verticals. In just a few months since our announcement, we have seen excellent traction on the IGEL Ready Showcase from both customers and partners alike.

  1. Trust and Confidence: Integration with IGEL OS

As organizations make investments in technology, they want to ensure that what they’re purchasing has been thoroughly tested and verified to work with what’s already in their environments. The IGEL Ready logo has helped customers and channel partners quickly identify IGEL technology partner products and solutions optimized for IGEL OS and “ready-to-go.” Check this infographic for more details.

  1. A Fast-Growing Ecosystem: Better Together

IGEL OS is revolutionizing the secure delivery of cloud workspaces, and teaming up with the best in the industry is bound to drive business growth. Together with the several complementary technologies integrated with our OS and our commitment to our partners, we help provide millions of employees secure access to their corporate applications and desktops remotely. Some of the recently engaged IGEL Ready partners include Lenovo, OnLogic, 7SIGNAL, Dynabook, LG, ClearCube, Teradici, EPOS, Cherry among many others. Just announced today is eG Innovations. Stay tuned for many more in the months to come.

What’s Next?

Looking ahead, we have more big-ticket items in the cards in the new year. As the single source of all IGEL-compatible technologies, the IGEL Ready ecosystem is now set up for rapid growth. Our big goal in the coming year is to finetune our processes and touchpoints to better serve our larger and growing IGEL Ready partner base.

Here are a few things we have lined up for our IGEL Ready partners in 2021:

  • More co-marketing opportunities with IGEL Ready so we can make some noise together. We welcome your blogs, press releases, co-branded content, webinars, and much more to create awareness of our joint offerings.
  • A new and enriched IGEL Ready Showcase website, so your customers can find you easily.
  • A complete welcome package for the new IGEL Ready partners that join us.
  • Quarterly update webinars and regular communications with product roadmaps and exclusive previews.
  • Enhanced features on the IGEL Ready Hub with simplified product submission processes and expanded account management.
  • Increased visibility for you in the IGEL Community.

Stay tuned and join us for our upcoming Q1 update webinar where we will uncover more details on these exciting announcements.

Join the IGEL Ready Club!

If you’re a technology company wanting to get featured on the IGEL Ready Showcase, you can do it in 4 easy steps:

  1. Apply Here
  2. IGEL Ready Program Agreement – Accept our NDA and sign the IGEL Ready Program Agreement to access the IGEL Ready Test Kits and NFR Licenses.
  3. Self-Verify – Let us know how your device or application works with IGEL OS. Don’t worry; we will provide you with eval licenses, self-explanatory test kits, and all the documentation you need to get started with IGEL. You only have to get us a video or screenshots of your solution working with IGEL.
  4. Publish Your Pages on IGEL Ready Showcase – That’s it. Once our team approves your product verification results, you can create and publish unique dedicated pages highlighting your company and products or solutions on the IGEL Ready Showcase. You’ll get complete control of your product pages on this platform and promote these pages, complete with marketing resources such as brochures, solution briefs, videos, etc. This could be a distinctive prospect to expand your business reach, along with other co-marketing opportunities available in the program.

Want to Know More?

For more information on IGEL Ready, read the IGEL Ready Program Guide, or write to us at Get IGEL Ready today for a great 2021 and new opportunities with IGEL Ready!

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