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DaaS is Ready to be Served

Why IGEL, Citrix and Microsoft are the Perfect Ingredients for a Tasty Solution

The hunger for a transformation in endpoint computing is growing larger by the day. Limited IT resources and expertise exacerbated by the need for more rapid endpoint provisioning and scalability are mounting to drive more and more organizations to cook up the perfect solution for desktop virtualization. Add to that the attraction of easily integrating Azure-hosted virtual desktops with on-premises Active Directory, and you have a table set that’s ready for a tasty Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution.

Yet, like with any good recipe, you need excellent ingredients. And what could be better than IGEL and Citrix? How about IGEL, Citrix and Microsoft?

Citrix + Microsoft = A Perfect Combination Decades in the Making

Citrix and Microsoft have formed a formidable partnership. The depth of their relationship in delivering desktops and apps together in fact goes back more than 30 years. Today, they are building on that history by pivoting to the Microsoft Azure cloud together. And the benefits for customers and partners alike are exponential: elastic scalability, granular control, expansive geographical reach all with more efficient access to popular Office365 apps. As a result, it’s now easier than ever to deliver endpoints with location independence that supports the demands of the growing mobile workforce.

With yesterday’s GA announcement of Citrix Managed Desktops , organizations have a cloud-hosted solution that is easy to provision Windows-based applications and desktops from the cloud to any device, anywhere in a simple unified manner. The new solution provides all the benefits of a traditional Citrix application delivery solution but adds even more simplified deployment and lower cost by using Microsoft Azure cloud services. It’s an exceptional option for extending the value of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops as well as workspace solutions across the enterprise.

IGEL brings the Full Flavor of Citrix/Microsoft DaaS to Life

Enter the value of IGEL and your Citrix and Microsoft Azure-powered DaaS solution really comes to life. Offering day one support for Citrix Managed Desktops and WVD, IGEL enables organizations to benefit from the speedy deployment enterprises need to match cloud provisioning schedules. But the benefits don’t stop there. Simplified endpoint management, confident endpoint security, dramatic cost savings and support for any cloud, any platform and any device – even those old aging laptops and PCs you thought you’d have to spend a fortune to replace – all add up to the full value you need when making the switch to DaaS.

Also, with Windows 7 end of support roughly 120-days away, and counting, there really isn’t any reason not to put DaaS on the table. With IGEL, Citrix and Microsoft together you’ll be able to quickly provision desktops to any user, scale to meet changing demands, and efficiently deploy and manage workloads across multiple regions – all with the simplified endpoint experience that easy to manage and more secure than ever.

Citrix and IGEL are Already Eating at the Chef’s Table

Both Citrix and IGEL are already seeing each other’s value. In fact, Citrix uses a combination of IGEL UD3 software-defined endpoints along with the IGEL UD Pocket and IGEL Workspace Edition to give new life to old hardware in the Citrix Call Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Through IGEL OS, Citrix has been able to unify all its hardware endpoints at the OS level resulting in significant cost savings, improved end user experience along with greater manageability and security. [read the case study here]

IGEL too relies on a combined IGEL / Citrix solution to support its global user workforce with Citrix-enabled cloud workspaces powered by IGEL OS. The resulting solution delivers the flexible and secure access IGEL employees need to critical applications while enabling ultra-efficient manageability and control.

You can bet that as Citrix Managed Desktops and WVD are fully available, each organization will be adding them to their recipe for DaaS success.

It’s solid proof that DaaS’ time is here. Don’t wait any further. Read about why IGEL OS is revolutionary and then download a demo today.

Jim Airdo

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